(ˈkætˌnæpə) or


1. a person who catnaps
2. a person who steals cats


or cat•nap•er

(ˈkætˌnæp ər)

a person who steals cats, esp. to sell them to medical research laboratories.
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In addition to producing Catnapper reclining products, the company is the "official seat" of Duck Dynasty-branded furniture.
A cold-blooded catnapper has been caught on camera bundling a kitten into her handbag in a theft from a pet shop.
A CATNAPPER was caught on camera bundling a kitten into a handbag in a theft from a pet shop.
ANIMAL lover Kerry Charlton fears a serial catnapper could be the cause of her disappearing pets.
And what would she like to do with the catnapper if she caught them?
It keeps going through my mind that there's some mad catnapper on the loose - a feline version of Cruella De Vil.
The Broadway reclining sectional from Catnapper offers a comfortable seat.
Recently, however, the seasoned feline sightseer took a trip that could have used up most, or all, of what remained of its nine lives were it not for the compassion of his inadvertent catnapper.
Owners believe that an evil catnapper is responsible for the missing animals who were all beloved family pets.
All have gone missing over weekends and residents say they believe a catnapper may be operating in the area.
He makes Rip Van Winkle look like a catnapper and if they ever did a remake of The Big Sleep then McCoy would make a perfect Humphrey Bogart.
Harold Wilson was believed to be a frequent catnapper during his eight years at Number 10 and once said: 'I believe the greatest asset a head of state can have is the ability to have a good night's sleep.