(ˈkætˌnæpə) or


1. a person who catnaps
2. a person who steals cats


or cat•nap•er

(ˈkætˌnæp ər)

a person who steals cats, esp. to sell them to medical research laboratories.
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Myrtle Beach, SC, August 24, 2017 --(, a leading online supplier of high-quality home furnishings, announced today that it has launched all new collections from Catnapper and Jackson.
In addition to producing Catnapper reclining products, the company is the "official seat" of Duck Dynasty-branded furniture.
A cold-blooded catnapper has been caught on camera bundling a kitten into her handbag in a theft from a pet shop.
A CATNAPPER was caught on camera bundling a kitten into a handbag in a theft from a pet shop.
What is a catnapper? It is a mean, nasty person who tries to steal kittens.
ANIMAL lover Kerry Charlton fears a serial catnapper could be the cause of her disappearing pets.
And what would she like to do with the catnapper if she caught them?
at 3 ("The Company's product line currently includes the Sharp, RCA, JVC, Phillips and Panasonic brands of home entertainment equipment; the Ashley, Bassett, Catnapper, Progressive and England Corsair brands of furniture; the Dell and IBM brand of personal computers; and Crosley, Sears Kenmore and General Electric brands of major appliances.").
He said: "I'm a catnapper. I might get back from golf and wake up after two hours' sleep, completely refreshed."
It keeps going through my mind that there's some mad catnapper on the loose - a feline version of Cruella De Vil.
A catnapper should respond quickly to usual stimuli, such as your opening a can of cat food.
The Broadway reclining sectional from Catnapper offers a comfortable seat.