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cat·ty 1

adj. cat·ti·er, cat·ti·est
1. Subtly cruel or malicious; spiteful: a catty remark.
2. Catlike; stealthy.

cat′ti·ly adv.
cat′ti·ness n.

cat·ty 2

also cat·tie  (kăt′ē)
n. pl. cat·ties
Any of various units of weight used in Southeast Asia, especially a Chinese measure equal to 500 grams (approximately 1.1 pounds).

[Malay kati.]
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Noun1.cattiness - malevolence by virtue of being malicious or spiteful or nastycattiness - malevolence by virtue of being malicious or spiteful or nasty
malevolency, malice, malevolence - the quality of threatening evil
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[ˈkætɪnɪs] Nmalicia f, rencor m
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n (fig)Gehässigkeit f, → Boshaftigkeit f
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[ˈkætɪnɪs] nmalignità
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Chloe, the chubby grey cat from the first movie, shares her cattiness. And anyone who is a purry-parent knows exactly how accurate and how perfectly portrayed these cats are.
Decades before TV's Love Island came George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley's audiovisual ode to hedonism with all the fun of the ITV show minus the cattiness. What's not to like?
The show makes clever use of the actress' perceived cattiness and candor to generate laughter from audience members, who are forewarned not to take photos.
The most exciting part of Goldman's book isn't the interviews (not even the heartbreaking one with Tennessee Williams, who feels the whole world is against him) nor even the exquisite cattiness. It's the metrics.
"But at the same time, there was a lot of cattiness going on there."
The letters are punctuated by a kind of self-assured and self-conscious cattiness. She often uses phrases like "Oh Joy!
"One of the questions that I would get all of the time when I was on Orange is the New Black since it's such a women-heavy show, we would always get questions Pike] 'Is there cattiness on set?
Until she lines up with Neptune in June, your trademark cattiness might (temporarily) give way to a humility that endears others to you.
Pinborough uses the same tired out teenage tropes we see over and over, from the Mean Girl-esque cliques to the cattiness of Scream Queens.
When I got off the train, finally, and my ears had acclimatised to the normal walking home sounds of bird song, I got to wondering what had happened to normal conversation, flowing discourse which goes somewhere, not round and round in the cacophony of cattiness.
Christine Browning, vice president of human resources, says one major goal in the retail locations is to avoid the cattiness that sometimes accompanies commission sales.