cattle boat

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Noun1.cattle boat - a cargo ship for the transport of livestock
cargo ship, cargo vessel - a ship designed to carry cargo
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Following training in Losseimouth and the Scottish Borders, Allan was sent to Northern Ireland - on a cattle boat.
Here they would have taken the cattle boat to Liverpool, paying 3d (just over 1p) for a rough passage on deck.
This is no cattle boat now, but a luxury high-speed liner.
The pair caught the last cattle boat out of Jersey, Molly wearing six dresses and two coats and carrying just a small suitcase.
He worked his way across the Atlantic on a Canadian cattle boat, but like most American pilgrims, he went broke fast once he got there.
If my grandparents hadn't washed up on Anderston Quay, right where the Record building is, in their bare feet on a cattle boat from Ireland, none of my family - hardly a day of work lost in nearly a century - would have been able to contribute what we have to life in this country.
During Nichols' last summer of college, he and a friend worked their way to Europe aboard a cattle boat and traveled the continent, earning money as they went.
Earl Birney, later our Poet Laureate, and other artists and writers took the classic cattle boat work for transport to the centres of art in Europe--existing, somehow, with many like themselves.
Returning to England on a cattle boat, he settled in London and took up Unitarianism, and made plans to enter the Unitarian seminaryat Oxford.
Now, my great-great-grandfather did not starve in Ireland, nor did his son immigrate to the United States on a cattle boat, so that I could watch any part of my federal tax payment morph into a tithe for James Dobson, Pat Robertson or Sun Myung Moon.
Isadora Duncan had come to Europe with her mother and brother on a cattle boat; she was in Paris as a bohemian pilgrim in "Greek dress," studying Renaissance art in museums, dancing for party guests in private salons, and dreaming as well of some purer, grander use for herself in the theater.
I had come over from Ireland on a cattle boat, in search of my brother who I hadn't seen since I was 10 years old.