cattle breeding

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Noun1.cattle breeding - breeding cattlecattle breeding - breeding cattle      
breeding - the production of animals or plants by inbreeding or hybridization
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He has launched his own cattle breeding business which is now the third largest seed stock supplier in the US - each year it markets nearly 2,000 herd bulls through 10 annual sales.
Favorable conditions exist for the development of agriculture in Azerbaijan.Plant growing prevails over cattle breeding. Some 61 percent of agricultural production is a crop production, while cattle breeding is just 39 percent.
The station can produce, store, transport cattle breeding products, however, its equipment became outdated and does not meet market requirements in full.
This condition can be caused by introgression of the zebu cattle was more intensive in the Madura cattle breeding program.
Let the herdsmen go to their own states to practise ranching which is the modern way of cattle breeding.
In a statement online Muscat Municipality said, "The Urban Inspection Department in the Municipality of Muscat seized an unlicensed goods warehouse in the Ghala industrial area where cattle breeding and other unlicensed activities were being carried out.
In an effort to revive small stock production and cattle breeding in the Kgalagadi District, renowned for excellence in small stock production, farmers have entered into a tripartite agreement with government to offer extension services to farming communities in the district at no costs.
According to the data obtained in this study, it can be suggested that cattle breeding herd from different herd be integrated into the herd that are under the ex-situ conservation program and the number of the cattle in the herd be increased.
GB Pant University of Agriculture and technology had a huge dairy farm with a few hundred acres and animals with long term plan for cattle breeding. But today most of the well-equipped cowsheds are empty.
Dekeba, "Organization and performance of government-owned cattle breeding ranches in the supply of genetically improved breeding stock in Ethiopia," in Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference of the Ethiopian Society of Animal Production (ESAP '06), pp.
Tibin gets informed on French modern technology in cattle breeding improvement's production equipment Khartoum, March 3 (SUNA) - The Federal Minister of Animal Resources Prof.