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Noun1.cattle car - a freight car for transporting cattlecattle car - a freight car for transporting cattle
freight car - a railway car that carries freight
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In the summer of 1942 in Paris, more than 13,000 Jews were forced into an indoor stadium for bicycle races called the Velodrome d'Hiver, where they waited without food or water before ultimately being transported by cattle car to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.
The movie depicts many of the events recorded in Heyman's diary, documenting the progressively direr situation she found herself in, and finally portrays her on the cattle car in which she was deported to Auschwitz.
With scarcely a hint of the war's causes, forty-year old Piotr -- bandy-legged, rickets, illiterate, and all -- is soon in a cattle car on his way to the Stanislawow garrison in Hungary for training camp.
There are also full-size replicas of an 1870s cattle car, water tower, windmill and locomotive set in a landscape of native prairie grasses and flowers.
But while the cartoon depicts ordinary Americans as the train's "freight," riding in a dark and crowded cattle car, it reserves a panel for "priority passengers" that depicts, alone of all of the bill's wealthy supporters, the Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson.
Now, it's just a cattle car, and they wonder why we don't want to fly unless we absolutely must.
After being held for five days in appalling conditions in the Velodrome d'Hiver stadium, Joseph and his family were transported by cattle car to the Beaune-la-Rolande internment camp and brutally separated: all the adults and most of the children were transported on to Auschwitz and certain death, but 1,000 children were left behind to wait for a later train.
One wall of the main square features an iron sculpture depicting a cattle car being emptied and its inmates machine-gunned.
He put his horse in a cattle car on the train, boarded a coach, and both preacher and horse were carried to St.
Kor was 10 years old when her family was sent to Auschwitz on a cattle car.
Now 84, John recalls the days when his dad and granddad drove cattle to the nearest rail connection and loaded them into a cattle car bound for Chicago.
They then located a cattle car that once transported children to the death camps, and some good souls from overseas shipped it to their school.