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Noun1.cattle grid - a bridge over a ditch consisting of parallel metal bars that allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass, but not cattle
bridge, span - a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.
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Dumfries sheriff court heard the 32-year-old eventually stopped in front of a cattle grid after a passenger jumped from the car when it slowed down at one point.
As you enter the mountain there's a cattle grid, as there is when you leave the other side.
Mr Dibeela noted that the additional streets lights would cover Sepojane paved roads, Roads Central Depot to Mokgadi primary school, Prisons to Police Staff houses, A2 road to Mmathethe cattle grid, Kgwatlheng junction to Kgwakgwe and Mmamokhasi paved road, among others.
Susan Davies I drove over there the other day, its shocking how bad it's gone, it's rubbish dumped from the pylon all the way to the cattle grid on other side.
3 Path rejoins road at cattle grid near Culver Haven Inn.
3 The path rejoins the road at a cattle grid just before the Culver Haven Inn.
They stray along Glanyrafon Road as well but are prevented from getting any further due to the cattle grid.
Two 'frisky' hedgehogs were rescued after they got stuck in a cattle grid.
Continuing ahead towards Violet Hill, we turn left at the next junction of routes to follow the footpath through a metal field gate (beside a cattle grid).
And elsewhere, cyclist Julian has fallen off his bike in the remote Pennine Hills and been thrown into a cattle grid. A word of warning, the squeamish among you might want to look away as we see his facial injuries.
But how will they cross the terrifying cattle grid that lays ahead?
While negotiating the track, the front of the vehicle slipped off a cattle grid crossing a stream, and sank into mud, leaving it stuck.