cattle pen

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Noun1.cattle pen - a pen for cattlecattle pen - a pen for cattle      
pen - an enclosure for confining livestock
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If Levin had felt happy before in the cattle pens and farmyard, he felt happier yet in the open country.
The house and cattle pen were partially damaged in the incident.
Naseem Bibi claimed Muhammad Ramzan took her four-year-old daughter to a nearby cattle pen and assaulted her.
Talking about the pathetic condition of the university, the chairman of the committee expressed that it did not look like a top-ranked university, rather a cattle pen, because cattle could be seen everywhere in the premises.
The commission noted that banks of one of the lagoons of Southern Treatment Plant in Qasimabad were broken and a private cattle pen had been established on that government property.
The cattle pen owners also informed the team members that they had already stopped usage of the injection after the apex court's order.
Caption: Hasan Mkitage, Nuru Salumu and their son Jamali beside their cattle pen
My goal is to fill every single cattle pen in the market," he said.
South Africa's constitutional court ruled Thursday that Zuma violated the constitution when he used some 250 million rand (about $16 million) from government coffers to renovate his personal residence with upgrades including a swimming pool, cattle pen, chicken run and a visitor's center.
But a new kind of cattle pen, known as a living wall, is helping keep livestock safe from lion attacks, and the cats safe from Masai spears.
The men of Y Porthmyn performing in the cattle pen at the Ruthin Show