cattle pen

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Noun1.cattle pen - a pen for cattlecattle pen - a pen for cattle      
pen - an enclosure for confining livestock
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If Levin had felt happy before in the cattle pens and farmyard, he felt happier yet in the open country.
There is over a square mile of space in the yards, and more than half of it is occupied by cattle pens; north and south as far as the eye can reach there stretches a sea of pens.
According to rescues sources, a 22-year-old man, Muhammad Bux received severe electric shocks while working at a cattle pen in Marvi Goth of Quaidabad.
Police said on Sunday that 18-year-old Amir was sleeping in a cattle pen at Chibban Road where roof of a dilapidated room caved in during rain.
The victim was identified as 27-year Fahim of Landhi area, who used to work in a cattle pen. He had visited Punjab recently to buy cattle heads.
During another operation, two rooms and a cattle pen was also demolished in Shahzad Town while cattle pen near Rawal Dam nullah was also dismantled completely.
Talking about the pathetic condition of the university, the chairman of the committee expressed that it did not look like a top-ranked university, rather a cattle pen, because cattle could be seen everywhere in the premises.
"My goal is to fill every single cattle pen in the market," he said.
South Africa's constitutional court ruled Thursday that Zuma violated the constitution when he used some 250 million rand (about $16 million) from government coffers to renovate his personal residence with upgrades including a swimming pool, cattle pen, chicken run and a visitor's center.
But a new kind of cattle pen, known as a living wall, is helping keep livestock safe from lion attacks, and the cats safe from Masai spears.
The men of Y Porthmyn performing in the cattle pen at the Ruthin Show