cattle trail

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Noun1.cattle trail - a trail over which cattle were driven to marketcattle trail - a trail over which cattle were driven to market
trail - a path or track roughly blazed through wild or hilly country
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Lying low against their horses' necks, they scrambled up a steep cattle trail out of the canyon, and began to work across rough country toward the knolls.
Walking down a rutted-out cattle trail, just 18 steps from my brushy hideout, was the Ghost.
He and his partner, Oliver Loving, established perhaps the most important and heavily traveled cattle trail in the American west.
You're not likely to mistake any other animal sign for a deer trail, unless it's a cattle trail in a pasture.
Hearty flavors were a man's best friend on the cattle trail, but now here I am putting that all together for my friends [at Kessler Canyon].
Near where I sat, I could see an old cattle trail winding down the slope.
The Coast, the Country and the Cattle Trail starts at Alnwick Castle's gatehouse and ends at Warkworth's equally fine medieval fortress some hours later via Eglingham, Chillingham, Chatton, Holy Island (tides permitting, of course) Bamburgh, Seahouses, Beadnell, Low Newton-by-the-Sea, Craster, Howick and Alnmouth.
Go straight and level on a faint cattle trail amid ponderosa pines.
The judge's storytelling side-kick all began in 1988, when he first learned of a coast- to-coast ride following an old cattle trail, and trotted next to a 72-year-old fourth-generation Florida rancher who mesmerized him with stories from the 1800s.
ORIGINALLY a resting point on a cattle trail from Scotland to England, the Drover's Inn is proud of its heritage.
To young Malagasy men, driving cattle hundreds of kilometres from the island's wild, barren west to markets in the east represents a rite of passage and a chance to make enough money to be able to marry, Luke Freeman, an anthropologist at the London School of Economics and this year's Journey of a Lifetime Award winner, bought some livestock of his own and joined them on the cattle trail.
Adrenaline levels soar among the members of my research team from the Wildlife Institute of India as we bounce along an old cattle trail.