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 (kăt′ər-kôr′nərd, kăt′ē-) also cat·er-cor·ner (-nər) or cat·ty-cor·nered or cat·ty-cor·ner (kăt′ē-) or kit·ty-cor·nered or kit·ty-cor·ner (kĭt′ē-)
In a diagonal position.

[From obsolete cater, four at dice, from Middle English, from Old French catre, four, from Latin quattuor; see kwetwer- in Indo-European roots.]


 (kăt′ē-kôr′nərd) or cat·ty-cor·ner (-nər)
adj. & adv.
Variants of cater-cornered.
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Adj.1.catty-corner - slanted across a polygon on a diagonal line; "set off in a catty-corner direction across the vacant lot"
oblique - slanting or inclined in direction or course or position--neither parallel nor perpendicular nor right-angled; "the oblique rays of the winter sun"; "acute and obtuse angles are oblique angles"; "the axis of an oblique cone is not perpendicular to its base"
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Weaver said Garco Mill Partners also wants to buy the lot sitting catty-corner to the Garco mill.
For many years' worth of SHOT Shows, their booth has been catty-corner to ours and I've always made it a point to wander over to see what Gary Fadden and Company have on hand.
Tommy and his sister, Annie, live catty-corner across the street from the church their father pastors, and they're fascinated by the cartloads of wounded Confederate soldiers who are being cared for there.
* Move to a new location in downtown Columbia, catty-corner from the State House
Third St., will be catty-corner to the other main store in the city, Grocery Deals, which carries a constantly changing inventory of discount groceries and seasonal items.
The image recalled the stirring passage from Tony Kushner's Angels in America in which one character imagines heaven as a city overflowing with "racial impurity" and "gender confusion," akin to San Francisco in the 1980s: "On every comer a wrecking crew and something new and crooked going up catty-corner to that....
"The new Kroger in Benton is catty-corner from our store," Harps CEO Roger Collins noted last week.
The Egg Hunt will take place on Saturday, April 4th at Thornwood Park (2400 Thornwood Ave., catty-corner from the Harper School).
The wood-floored, open-concept main living space has huge windows, beams across the ceiling, a concrete-faced catty-corner fireplace--one of three in the house--and a column-flanked sitting area just off the kitchen and dining area.