caudal anesthesia

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Noun1.caudal anesthesia - regional anesthesia resulting from injection of an anesthetic into the caudal end of the spinal canal; now largely replaced by epidural anesthesia
regional anaesthesia, regional anesthesia - loss of sensation in a region of the body produced by application of an anesthetic agent to all the nerves supplying that region (as when an epidural anesthetic is administered to the pelvic region during childbirth)
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Leg ischemia in an infant following accidental intra-arterial administration of atracurium treated with caudal anesthesia.
In our study, all patients who were given caudal injection had positive cold test results and received effective caudal anesthesia.
10 On the other hand spinal or caudal anesthesia and pudendal (ischiorectal nerve blocks) may result in urinary retention with the reported incidence which varies widely, from less than 1% to > 50%.
Other studies done with tramadol in Regional anesthesia by Kumari P21, Farikha N12, Brijesh J22, Ozcengiz D23 have demonstrated its efficacy as an adjuvant in spinal epidural or caudal anesthesia in place of pure opioid agonists.
Comparison of two different doses of dexmedetomidine with bupivacaine in paediatric caudal anesthesia for infraumbilical surgeries: a randomized double blind clinical study.
In pediatric surgery, caudal anesthesia is commonly combined with general anesthesia since it suppresses neurohumoral response to surgery, accelerates recovery and enhances postoperative pain control.