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adj. Anatomy
a. Of, at, or near the tail or hind parts; posterior: the caudal fin of a fish.
b. Situated beneath or on the underside; inferior.
2. Similar to a tail in form or function.

[New Latin caudālis, from Latin cauda, tail.]

cau′dal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.caudally - toward the posterior end of the body
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The maxillary artery contributes significantly to the cerebral arterial circle through the rete epidural mirabile while the basilar artery attached to the cerebral arterial circle where its blood flow directed caudally rather than rostrally (Kietyka-Kurc et al., 2015; Alsafy et al., 2017).
By preserving a band of cartilage caudally, the continuity of the lateral crus is maintained.
(1) Like other avian orders (ie, Psittaciformes and Piciformes), the Apodiformes include species with zygodactylous feet: digits II and III point cranially, whereas digits I and IV point caudally.
Zone 2 is located between the angle of the jaw and the cricothyroid membrane, which is most prone to injury, followed by zones 1 and 3 located caudally and cranially to zone 2, respectively (7).
The frontal region continues caudally with the wide parietal region and side-caudally with the strong postorbital process.
B: Coronal contrastenhanced CT scan at the same level demonstrates that the mass extends caudally to the mediastinum.
Fetal gonads are identified within the caudal abdomen as two symmetrical oval structures, ventral to the kidneys, with an oblique orientation of their long axis, converging caudally towards the pelvic inlet.
Pereonite IV Represents 40% of TL, wider than previous segments, decreasing in size caudally. Conical bulging tubercle on the dorsal part.
Skin examination revealed atrophic patch on the left side of forehead extending caudally along the left nasolabial fold and involved right alar cartilage as well, which was hypoplastic leading to narrow nostril.
At stage 17, the Mullerian duct appears via a deep invagination at the level of the 3rd thoracic somite and proceeds to grow caudally towards the Wolffian ducts until fusion in stage 18.
Using contrast-enhanced CT, we found that this bilocular cystic mass was located caudally from the left renal hilus.
A ventral cervical approach was extended caudally into a median sternotomy to gain adequate exposure.