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adj. Anatomy
a. Of, at, or near the tail or hind parts; posterior: the caudal fin of a fish.
b. Situated beneath or on the underside; inferior.
2. Similar to a tail in form or function.

[New Latin caudālis, from Latin cauda, tail.]

cau′dal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.caudally - toward the posterior end of the body
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For better laparoscopic visualization, the patient is repositioned in steep reverse Trendelenburg, and the liver is gently pushed caudally to view the adjacent diaphragm.
Ex vivo biomechanical evaluation of pigeon (Columba livia) cadaver intact humeri and ostectomized humeri stabilized with caudally applied titanium locking plate or stainless steel nonlocking plate construct.
Coeliac trunk initially originates from the dorsal aorta at the seventh cervical level and drifts caudally to the twelfth thoracic level due to the descent of viscera supplied in the abdomen.
Female bladder is not only placed more caudally but also it's less compact in horizontal plane as compared to male bladder.
On tracing the structures cranially and caudally, similar vascular-like structures were seen, and only on colour Doppler US, the internal jugular vein and external carotid artery could be delineated from the neural tissue, which has extensively involved the BP.
As ophthalmic division of trigeminal nerve is represented most caudally, ciliary pain is primarily frontal and occipital in origin.
The magnitude of nasal obstruction in a caudally deviated septum is perplexing predominantly due to the fact that the deviation is bounded laterally by nasal valve area.
The frontal region is continuous caudally with the wide parietal region and laterocaudally with the short post-orbital process.
Strip of non absorbable mesh is sutured to the ventral aspect of distal rectum caudally preventing intussusseption.
Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen showed focal, ovoid, fatty infiltration between the left hepatic lobe and the lesser gastric curvature, superior to the pancreas, with a concentric distribution of fibrous and fatty folds converging toward the torsion with edema; the vascular pedicle extended caudally and entered an oval-shaped, well-demarcated fat-containing lesion between the transverse colon and second portion of the duodenum; this mass was 5.
The choanae were located at the level of caudal face of second molar tooth and continued caudally into nasopharynx.