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 (kô′dēl-yēz′mō, -dē-yēz′-, kou′-)
The practice or system of rule by a caudillo.

[Spanish, from caudillo, leader; see caudillo.]


censorious a political system organized under the rule of a caudillo
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Basketball enthusiast Venkatachalam spelled words like poblacion, caudillismo and nixtamal before official bee pronouncer Jacques Bailly broke the news to him that Shivashankar had correctly spelled scherenschnitte, the German-derived word for artistic paper cutting.
Personalismo, and its variant, caudillismo, are deeply rooted in Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese history, and have dominated Latin American politics since the conquistadors (Cortez, Pissarro, etc.
In Coronado's view, the FNRP has developed, mainly last year, its own institutional setup, avoiding the phenomenon of caudillismo [authoritarian leadership], a historic trademark of Latin American politics.
La Vanguardia complemented the statement from The Economist with the words of well-known Colombian journalist and former director of the daily El Tiempo, Enrique Santos Calderon: "In considering himself indispensible and irreplaceable, Uribe reveals an egotism that can turn into a hard-to-swallow and harmful caudillismo.
Por otro lado, Monegal, como buen personero, contribuye a la mitificacion de Trujillo: piensa que es "el Dios de las naciones", el que opero la verdadera transformacion en el pueblo dominicano y extirpo el cancer del caudillismo poniendo a circular en la esfera universal a la Republica Dominicana.
After all, the civil war, which, depending on how one decides to assess it, spanned 1910 till as late as 1940, provided a clear demarcation line between the old-style caudillismo (strongman rule) of the nineteenth century and the hope of a more progressive approach to politics in the twentieth.
These regimes were characterized by caudillismo and the ample use of clientelism as a mechanism of class control next to the integration of labor into corporatist structures.
Ellis said that the Philippines had 'very much inherited the Spanish concept of caudillismo, which translates literally as "leadership" but means something closer to "dictatorism".
Lopez-Calvo coincide con Peguero al senalar como en algunas de las novelas sobre Trujillo se sugiere que el origen del caudillismo y la tirania se encuentran en la epoca de la colonia.
This book contains compelling new insights that will be valuable not only to Latin American historians, but to all scholars interested in issues of subaltern experience, penology, rural studies, and caudillismo.
As a protectorate of the United States in the first half of the century, Cuba fell prey to caudillismo and political corruption, which did little to prevent unemployment, widespread poverty, and overall harsh living standards.