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A warm drink consisting of wine or ale mixed with sugar, eggs, bread, and various spices, sometimes given to ill persons.

[Middle English caudel, from Old North French, from Medieval Latin caldellus, from Latin caldum, hot drink, from caldus, calidus, warm, hot; see kelə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Brewing) a hot spiced wine drink made with gruel, formerly used medicinally
[C13: from Old Northern French caudel, from Medieval Latin caldellum, from Latin calidus warm]


(ˈkɔd l)

a warm drink for the sick, as of wine or ale mixed with eggs, bread, sugar, spices, etc.
[1250–1300; Middle English caudel < Old North French < Medieval Latin caldellum < Latin calid(um) warm diluted wine]
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in all this misery his wife has as good caudle as if she lay in the midst of the greatest affluence; I tasted it, and I scarce ever tasted better.
He shut the door, hastened back to his fire, and set to work at his caudle, which he watched and stirred with a solicitude that would have amused a professed cook.
OKLAHOMA CITY Harrison Energy Partners promoted Greg Blair to vice president of sales and marketing; Charles Caudle Jr.
Kayla Caudle had game highs of 13 points and 17 rebounds for Vernon Hills (18-11), but she had only 6 shots through three quarters.
Caudle in simple ceremonies held atop a submarine, USS Jacksonville SSN-699 docked at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
They are oboe player and North Shields GP Dave Tomson and clarinet players Karen Riddle and Jonathan Caudle, GPs in South Shields and Walker, Newcastle, respectively.
Prosecutor John Caudle said Smith took it badly and two weeks before she died, Becky contacted HMRC to say he had moved out.
Caudle, NIH U01 GM92666 (CPIC), U01 HL0105918 (CPIC), and R24 GM61374 (PharmGKB); T.
Apanavicius - Denise Caudle and Anthony Apanavicius, of Eugene, a daughter.
Jack Siddle, four, and eight-year-old Myla Caudle were crowned at lunchtime to huge applause from hundreds of visitors to the birthplace of artist Thomas Bewick.
Fardre crossed three times through Lloyd Morgan, Christian Parker and Marcus Caudle.