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also calk  (kôk)
v. caulked, caulk·ing, caulks also calked or calk·ing or calks
1. To make watertight or airtight by filling or sealing: caulk a pipe joint; caulked the cracks between the boards with mud.
2. Nautical To make (a boat) watertight by packing seams with a waterproof material, such as oakum or pitch.
To apply caulking: caulked all around the window frame.

[Middle English cauken, to press, from Old North French cauquer, from Latin calcāre, to tread, from calx, heel.]

caulk′er n.
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Adj.1.caulked - having cracks and crevices stopped up with a filler
uncaulked - not caulked or sealed
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In the forecastle, the sailors had actually caulked and pitched their chests, and filled them; it was humorously added, that the cook had clapped a head on his largest boiler, and filled it; that the steward had plugged his spare coffee-pot and filled it; that the harpooneers had headed the sockets of their irons and filled them; that indeed everything was filled with sperm, except the captain's pantaloons pockets, and those he reserved to thrust his hands into, in self-complacent testimony of his entire satisfaction.
Our carpenter being prepared to grave the outside of the ship, as well as to pay the seams where he had caulked her to stop the leaks, had got two kettles just let down into the boat, one filled with boiling pitch, and the other with rosin, tallow, and oil, and such stuff as the shipwrights use for that work; and the man that attended the carpenter had a great iron ladle in his hand, with which he supplied the men that were at work with the hot stuff.
He had provided himself, among other things, with a complete suit of oilskin, and a straw hat with a very low crown, pitched or caulked on the outside.
"Oh, say, while I think of it, Harve," said Dan, when they were out of ear-shot, "Penn ain't quite all caulked. He ain't nowise dangerous, but his mind's give out.
We discovered the previous owner had caulked the windows shut.
You may have caulked these areas before winter started but even good quality caulk can shrink, harden and crack during harsh weather.
The side rails are usually bolted and caulked in place.
Toilets should be caulked to the floor to prevent side-to-side movement that can break the wax seal (and to prevent splashes or overflows from puddling under the toilet and rotting the floor).
* Caulked stucco provides an excellent seal around windows when new.
Workers removing PCB-containing sealant between concrete blocks in a Swedish building found that they could remove 99% of the PCB by cutting and grinding away the caulking material, as well as a few millimeters of the concrete surrounding the caulked joints (Sundahl et al.