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1. Functioning as an agent or cause.
2. Expressing causation. Used of a verb or verbal affix.

caus′a·tive n.
caus′a·tive·ly adv.
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What people eat is an expression of their life-style in general, and may not be causatively linked to the risk of cancer.
It is possible that the perinatal asphyxia, which was the predisposing factor for SCFNN in our patient, is also causatively related to the hypocalcemia via transient functional hypoparathyroidism.
Interferongamma is causatively involved in experimental inflammatory bowel disease in mice.
6) It leads to both open angle and angle closure glaucoma and has been causatively associated with cataract, lens dislocation and central retinal vein occlusion.
Interestingly, further analysis of the concentration of the proinflammatory agents directly in the serum from the varicose patients and from the healthy individuals revealed that the level of five out of six proteins, the secretion of which was upregulated by senescent endothelial cells (apart from PAI-1), is also increased in the first group, which may suggest that senescent endothelial cells may be causatively linked with this phenomenon.
94) Under this criterion, the eyewitness's testimony that the errant cab was green was credible enough to rule out the "errant blue cab" scenario as causatively implausible.
6) But while biomechanical abnormalities are common, it should not be assumed that they are necessarily causatively associated with foot symptoms.
The obesity-inducing capacity of this human-derived endotoxin producer in gnotobiotic mice suggests that it may causatively contribute to the development of obesity in its human host.
He relied on a New Zealand decision, which allowed such an action where a judicial officer in a court of limited jurisdiction acted "knowingly and without or beyond jurisdiction and with malice giving rise to damage causatively linked to that action.