cause célèbre

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cause cé·lè·bre

 (kôz′ sə-lĕb′, kōz′ sā-lĕb′rə)
n. pl. causes cé·lè·bres (kôz′ sə-lĕb′, kōz′ sā-lĕb′rə)
1. An issue arousing widespread controversy or heated public debate.
2. A celebrated legal case.

[French : cause, case + célèbre, celebrated.]

cause célèbre

(ˈkɔːz səˈlɛbrə; -ˈlɛb; French koz selɛbrə)
n, pl causes célèbres (ˈkɔːz səˈlɛbrəz; -ˈlɛb; ˈkɔːzɪz səˈlɛbrə; -ˈlɛbz; French koz selɛbrə)
(Communications & Information) a famous lawsuit, trial, or controversy
[C19: from French: famous case]

cause cé•lè•bre

(ˈkɔz səˈlɛb; Fr. koʊz seɪˈlɛb rə)

n., pl. causes cé•lè•bres (ˈkɔz səˈlɛb; Fr. koʊz seɪˈlɛb rə)
any controversy that attracts great public attention.
[1755–65; < French: literally, famous case]

cause célèbre

A French phrase meaning famous case, used to refer to any matter or issue that arouses great public interest or controversy.
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Noun1.cause celebre - an incident that attracts great public attention
incident - a single distinct event
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It's difficult to say what it is, but it may yet be a CAUSE CELEBRE," said the Assistant Commissioner.
When Joseph Oncale filed a sexual-harassment suit against his employer in 1994, the heterosexual father of two had no idea that his case would one day become a cause celebre for gay and lesbian victims of same-sex sexual harassment.
NBC's ``Atomic Train'' miniseries is about to become a political cause celebre, perhaps.
His imprisonment has been a cause celebre in the hacker community.
The story of Rubin ``Hurricane'' Carter, the Hollywood cause celebre of the '70s, finally is coming to the screen - with Denzel Washington portraying the boxer who wrongfully was convicted of murder twice.
Now, in comparison, the AIDS pandemic, the most virulent and deadly venereal disease in history, is the cause celebre of the federal government.
The Preakness cause celebre is Coronado's Quest, who is the favorite for Saturday's race and the nation's most notorious four-footed head case.
In fact, her attitude is not terribly surprising considering that the English royals have their children mostly raised by others in what amounts to 24-hour-a-day child care while they are flitting from one ego-gratifying social cause celebre or charity event to another.
These people continue to dog us, they think they have a cause celebre, and pursue every avenue available.
The story about the Salem witch hunts, which was notorious during the Joseph McCarthy-led anti-Communist hysteria that inspired it, has become a cause celebre in a crowded movie season more than 40 years after its theatrical heyday.
A similar cause celebre erupted last week when a 6-year-old boy in Lexington, N.
The story added:"The 'Bwgan Pant-y-Wennol' became something of a cause celebre, but there are doubts as to whether the haunting was real or a malicious hoax.