cause célèbre

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cause cé·lè·bre

 (kôz′ sə-lĕb′, kōz′ sā-lĕb′rə)
n. pl. causes cé·lè·bres (kôz′ sə-lĕb′, kōz′ sā-lĕb′rə)
1. An issue arousing widespread controversy or heated public debate.
2. A celebrated legal case.

[French : cause, case + célèbre, celebrated.]

cause célèbre

(ˈkɔːz səˈlɛbrə; -ˈlɛb; French koz selɛbrə)
n, pl causes célèbres (ˈkɔːz səˈlɛbrəz; -ˈlɛb; ˈkɔːzɪz səˈlɛbrə; -ˈlɛbz; French koz selɛbrə)
(Communications & Information) a famous lawsuit, trial, or controversy
[C19: from French: famous case]

cause cé•lè•bre

(ˈkɔz səˈlɛb; Fr. koʊz seɪˈlɛb rə)

n., pl. causes cé•lè•bres (ˈkɔz səˈlɛb; Fr. koʊz seɪˈlɛb rə)
any controversy that attracts great public attention.
[1755–65; < French: literally, famous case]

cause célèbre

A French phrase meaning famous case, used to refer to any matter or issue that arouses great public interest or controversy.
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Noun1.cause celebre - an incident that attracts great public attention
incident - a single distinct event
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cause celebre nothing is found to show whether the offenders braved the punishment, or departed forthwith out of that inhospitable jurisdiction.
"It's difficult to say what it is, but it may yet be a CAUSE CELEBRE," said the Assistant Commissioner.
BARCELONA, SPAIN When overtourism became a cause celebre in 2017-18, Barcelona was its unwilling poster child.
Academic Dems more than others love to hang faculty gowns on this cause celebre. But a state for the Palestinian Arabs is foolishness writ large.
Korean War veteran Earl Stone (Eastwood) used to be a cause celebre in horticultural circles, but he failed to move with the times by investing in an online marketplace for his gold medal-winning lilies.
It also became a cause celebre for Osama bin Laden and one of the factors that led to al-Qaida's attacks against the U.S.
Butterfly' is based on the intriguing real-life espionage love affair between a French diplomat and a Chinese opera singer that was the cause celebre of France in 1986.
Amateur opera singer Florence became a cause celebre in 1930s and 1940s New York - because she was unable to hold a note during her infamous recitals.
Ponsati has understandably become a cause celebre in Scottish nationalist circles.
The story added:"The 'Bwgan Pant-y-Wennol' became something of a cause celebre, but there are doubts as to whether the haunting was real or a malicious hoax."
The Polanski case remains an international cause celebre nearly four decades after the crime, with some demanding harsh punishment and others urging that extradition efforts be dropped.
Why a Nigerian cleric is Hezbollah's new cause celebre Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky single-handedly brought Shiite Islamism to Nigeria.