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1. Capable of burning, corroding, dissolving, or eating away by chemical action.
2. Sarcastic or cutting; biting: "The caustic jokes ... deal with such diverse matters as political assassination, talk-show hosts, medical ethics" (Frank Rich).
3. Given to making caustic remarks: a caustic TV commentator.
1. A caustic material or substance.
2. A hydroxide of a light metal.
3. The enveloping surface formed by light rays reflecting or refracting from a curved surface, especially one with spherical aberration.

[Middle English caustik, from Latin causticus, from Greek kaustikos, from kaustos, from kaiein, kau-, to burn.]

caus′ti·cal·ly adv.
caus·tic′i·ty (kô-stĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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Adv.1.caustically - in a caustic vitriolic manner; "he addressed her caustically"
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[ˈkɔːstɪkli] adv [say, remark, observe] → de façon caustiquecaustic soda nsoude f caustique
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adv say, remarkbissig; his new book is caustically funnysein neues Buch ist auf bissige Art lustig
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[ˈkɔːstɪklɪ] advcausticamente
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(ˈkoːstik) adjective
1. burning by chemical action. caustic soda.
2. (of remarks) bitter or sarcastic. caustic comments.
ˈcaustically adverb
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References in classic literature ?
You are quite expert at making up your mind as to whom other people should marry," retorted Anne, rather caustically.
Grimwig, caustically; after an attentive perusal of Mr.
71.] has caustically observed that he 'withdraws from the turmoil of the real universe into the fortress of his own mind, and beats the enemy in toy battles with toy soldiers.' He never succeeded in presenting to the satisfaction of most good critics a vigorous man in vigorous action.
It was not his soul, it was his mere phantom he had left behind on this earth--thought Razumov, smiling caustically to himself while he crossed the room, utterly forgetful of where he was and of Councillor Mikulin's existence.
Marr used to caustically list one of his hobbies as 'remembering the names of my children'.
Being on good terms with your former lover is a nice idea, but Susan is so caustically cruel, and everyone else so back stabby, that one might well wonder why they bother.
Herman's Hermits rose to fame in the pop-saturated 1960s after being signed by ace producer Mickie Most - "more for Noone's youthful good looks than their musical talents," as one commentator has noted caustically.
She caustically toasts the bridegroom, her ex-fiance:``I'vealways thought about having a child,'' she says.``But not as a husband.''
The Independent Media Centre website,, has caustically written underneath: "A lot done.
And when asked if he realised that would stop Fowler from playing for England - because of lack of match fitness - the French coach caustically replied: "I am not paid by the FA to pick players, I decide what is best for Liverpool."
Israel's relentless squeezing of what is allowed into Gaza is an horrific and deliberate policy that government adviser Dov Weisglas caustically described, in 2006, as "putting the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger".