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n. pl. ca·va·las or cavalla
1. Any of various jacks and other fishes of the family Carangidae.
2. Any of several mackerels, especially the king mackerel.

[Spanish caballa, horse mackerel, from Late Latin, from Latin caballus, horse; see cavalier.]
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(kəˈvælə) or


n, pl -la, -las or -lies
(Animals) any of various tropical carangid fishes, such as Gnathanodon speciosus (golden cavalla)
[C19: from Spanish caballa, from Late Latin, feminine of caballus horse]
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king′ mack`erel

a game fish, Scomberomorus cavalla, of the W Atlantic Ocean. Also called cavalla.
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Noun1.cavalla - large mackerel with long pointed snoutcavalla - large mackerel with long pointed snout; important food and game fish of the eastern Atlantic coast southward to Brazil
genus Scomberomorus, Scomberomorus - Spanish mackerels
Spanish mackerel - any of several large marine food fishes of the genus Scomberomorus
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Speaking in an interview with the New Dawn Newspaper recently in Pleebo, Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Managing Director for the Cavalla Rubber Corporation in Maryland, John Y.
[32] suggested that Cd accumulations in the liver of King mackerel (Scomberomorus cavalla) increased with increasing fork length.
In an analysis by Cavalla et al., (4) lymphocytes represented the main cell population among these cells, comprising 49.57% of the total cells.
Many of the species that you can have for food are in rivers and lakes like cavalla (talakitok) and salmon catfish (kanduli) can be caught in fresh water and saltwater.
Another submarine, the USS Cavalla, with Commander Herman Kossler in charge, was shadowing Japanese ships when he spotted an almost unbelievable sight.
The programme will continue to advance under this agreement with AMO Pharma, said David Cavalla, CEO of Numedicus.