cavalry horse

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Noun1.cavalry horse - horse trained for battlecavalry horse - horse trained for battle    
warhorse - horse used in war
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Beside Anna, on a hot-looking gray cavalry horse, was Vassenka Veslovsky in his Scotch cap with floating ribbons, his stout legs stretched out in front, obviously pleased with his own appearance.
As we approached, I saw a herd of cavalry horses grazing under guard outside the walls of the post.
3 QUEEN'S Household Cavalry horse Sefton was a survivor of the Hyde Park and Regent's Park bombings in 1982.
LONDON : The Royal Cavalry horse Tharwa secured the title at the Festival of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayid Al Nahyan for Arabian Horses, held at the Chelmsford racecourse over a distance of 1400 metres.
Having travelled 5,000 miles to be in the city, ten life-size figures - including a terracotta cavalry horse - will be on display as part of a collection of more than 180 spectacular artefacts from Emperor Qin Shi Huang's vast burial complex, covering an area of 56 square kilometres in Shaanxi Province, North West China.
The breathtaking exhibition spans more than 2,000 years of Chinese history and features 10 life-size actual terracotta statues, including a lifesize cavalry horse. It combines those with more than 160 artefacts from before the Qin-era, in China, during the Emperor's rule and after, during the Han dynasty.
Another piece I love is from Allan Hamilton, MD, who tells the true story of Otto, his grandfather's cavalry horse. (58) I read it many times in the back and forth of tiny edits and I still can't read it without tearing up.
Paris, July 14(ONA) Six of the Royal Cavalry horse riders cruised for the third time to the world endurance championship in 2014 to be held in France.
It tells the tale of Joey the farm horse who is sent off to war in France as a cavalry horse. His young rider Albert vows to find him but he is too young to join up.