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Pasta shaped like small shells or bullets.

[Italian, from pl. diminutive of cavato, past participle of cavare, to hollow out, from Latin cavāre; see excavate.]
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Downstairs, lunch and dinner feature dishes like bistecca al pepe nero, housemade cavatelli with a selection of market shellfish, and grilled Spanish octopus.
Then help to cook up a four-course menu that includes fava beans with wild fennel, cavatelli pasta and cannoli with local honey.
I thought the steak and kimchi rice was my one true love, but I find myself cheating on it with sweet corn agnolotti, Mediterranean salad, octopus a la plancha, French brie, and dates tarte flambAaAaAeA@e, homema cavatelli, and corn waffle.
Dans Addolorata, outre la preparation de la sauce tomate, les allusions a la nourriture traditionnelle sont nombreuses: tetes d'agneau au four, cavatelli,polenta, saucisses (17), lasagne (50) et, quand Giovanni enfant reve qu'il essaye de convaincre son pere absent de revenir, il evoque <<un gros panier de figues>> (IX 52).
Behind those curtains was Great-aunt Zia's summer kitchen and a table on which they made cavatelli.
That's why the menu features popular dishes such as fish and chips or crab cakes, she says, as well as more distinctive dishes like ricotta cavatelli or smoked clam dip with house-made potato chips, all created by Executive Chefs Logen Crew and Jennifer West.
GARDEN PEA and TRUFFLE CAVATELLI Serves 4 For the cavatelli: 1 pound fine durum wheat flour, plus more, as needed 1 1/4 cups very cold water For the dish: 2 tablespoons chopped fresh Australian truffles 1/2 cup creme fraiche, whipped to soft peaks 2 tablespoons butter 4 ounces water 1 clove garlic, peeled and smashed 1 cup fresh English peas Salt to taste Shaved truffled, as needed [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] FOR THE CAVATELLI: In the bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal blade, add the flour and pulse a few times to aerate.
Unsurprisingly, it's Italian and offers handcrafted mozzarella, fresh cavatelli pasta and pizzas baked in wood-burning ovens.
Among the classes offered is a hands-on lesson in making orecchiette and a cavatelli dish with fennel and tomatoes.
Meanwhile, in a large pot of boiling salted water, cook cavatelli until al dente.
In the kitchen, Chang hangs out with the Torrisi boys in Little Italy; Rich Torrisi prepares Cavatelli PS146 and Chang pays homage to the chilli pan mee he had in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that is also Italian inspired.
The veal scallopini with lemon sauce was perfectly cooked; the divine pesto sauce is made fresh when ordered; the traditional bronzini --whole sea bass baked in salt and served tableside, was magnifico ; and the cavatelli (a small, shell-shaped pasta) with porcini mushroom sauce was so subtle, earthy and flavourful that when I tried it on my second visit I completely failed to do my job as a food writer and ordered it again on my third.