cave man

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cave′ man`

1. a cave dweller, esp. of the Stone Age.
2. a man who behaves in a rough, primitive manner, esp. toward women.
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Noun1.cave man - someone who lives in a cavecave man - someone who lives in a cave    
primitive, primitive person - a person who belongs to an early stage of civilization
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If a cave man had happened upon it he would have no conception of its meaning or value, and as a consequence it would be lost or destroyed in short order.
It didn't mean much to the fellow, who doubt-less had but little better idea of the contents of the document I had been sent to fetch to his masters than would the cave man who in all probability had dis-covered it.
Among the twenty-seven to his credit occurred titles such as, "If Christ Came to New Orleans," " The Worked-out Worker," "Tenement Reform in Berlin," "The Rural Slums of England," "The people of the East Side," "Reform Versus Revolution," "The University Settlement as a Hot Bed of Radicalism' and "The Cave Man of Civilization."
Assuming a cave man's diet from the Paleolithic era is the themeA of this diet.
Throughout all of mankind's long lifetime, from cave man to cosmonaut, people have looked up in the sky and wondered what it would be like to visit our distant moon.
Mechanical fasteners in one form or another have been in existence almost from the cave man days with developments in more recent years enabling them to be used successfully in most types of assembly environments and at the same time satisfying the requirements of safety, quality and cost.
She seems to embrace her lifestyle, but as Lynx pleads to camera, "Is there a cave man out there?" you wonder if living in the wild can be rather lonely.
But when Tom realised the entrance involved swimming under water, he said: "I'm no cave man." And splashed back to boat.
"We have to consider how to approach disease in the 21st century as not embedded in these myths of human progress." Johnson points out that the 21st-century diet du jour, the paleo plan, typifies the contemporary diet's attachment to the past by presenting the life of the cave man as the model of health.
Looking even further back, Cave man, whose title character crouches in front of a bright-orange grotto, seems a paean to simpler times.
There were no calls, no offers after his first big movie, as a cave man in the 1982 release "Quest for Fire.''