cavernous sinus

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Noun1.cavernous sinus - either of a pair of large venous sinuses in the cranial cavitycavernous sinus - either of a pair of large venous sinuses in the cranial cavity
venous sinus, sinus - a wide channel containing blood; does not have the coating of an ordinary blood vessel
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Coverage encompasses visual fields, supranuclear and internuclear gaze pathways, nystagmus and related ocular oscillations, syndromes of the cranial nerves, cavernous sinus syndrome, the pupil, the swollen optic disc, optic atrophy, myasthenia and ocular myopathies, eyelid disorders, headache, carotid artery disease and the eye, nonorganic visual disorders, disorders of higher visual function, neurocutaneous disorders, and neuroimaging.
in 2013 presented a 45-year-old male with a large mass in the left side of nasal cavity that caused the destruction of the nasal septum and sphenoid wing, erosion of sphenoid and ethmoid sinus, involvement of cavernous sinus and expansion of medial wall of both orbits.
Endoscopic approach was associated with significantly lower operative time, post-operative pain, requirement of lumbar drain, blood loss and hospital stay, even though the rates of cavernous sinus invasion and perioperative complications were similar in both groups.
2] The majority of reported cases have been located on the dura mater of the posterior fossa, and very few of them were found in the cavernous sinus.
CT angiography of the head demonstrates a vessel branching from the cavernous segment of the right internal carotid artery, which crosses the cavernous sinus, and assumes the course of the intracranial left internal carotid artery terminus (Figure 3).
A small haematoma extended through to the cavernous sinus.
Baseline cranial contrast enhanced MRI detected a nonspecific inflammatory granulomatous lesion in the right cavernous sinus extending basally towards the right trigeminal cave (Meckel's cave) and anteriorly towards the apex of the right orbit.
A follow-up MRI in patient 5 after three months showed decreased signal intensity and enhancement of the affected cavernous sinus.
Transnasal endoscopic resection of a cavernous sinus hemangioma: technical note and review of the literature.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain demonstrated findings consistent with meningitis, a small right-sided subdural empyema and partial thrombosis of bilateral superior ophthalmic veins and cavernous sinus.
Complications of Lemierre's syndrome include extension of the thrombophlebitis to involve other vessels such as the pharyngeal venous plexus and cavernous sinus, meningitis, brain abscesses, descending necrotising mediastinitis, necrosis of infected blood vessels, suppurative arthritis and endocarditis.
Being superiorly bounded by the sphenoid bone, the infections of the infratemporal space may spread to the cavernous sinus through the pterygoid plexus or to the orbit due to a path through the ophthalmic veins (10).

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