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n. pl. ca·vies
Any of various South American rodents of the family Caviidae, including the guinea pigs, characteristically having a vestigial tail.

[From New Latin Cavia, genus name, perhaps from Galibi cabiai.]


n, pl -vies
(Animals) any small South American hystricomorph rodent of the family Caviidae, esp any of the genus Cavia, having a thickset body and very small tail. See also guinea pig
[C18: from New Latin Cavia, from Galibi cabiai]


(ˈkeɪ vi)

n., pl. -vies.
any of several short-tailed or tailless South American rodents of the family Caviidae, as the guinea pig.
[1790–1800; < New Latin Cavia name of the genus < Carib cabiai]
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Noun1.cavy - short-tailed rough-haired South American rodentcavy - short-tailed rough-haired South American rodent
gnawer, rodent - relatively small placental mammals having a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth specialized for gnawing
Cavia, genus Cavia - type genus of the Caviidae: guinea pigs
Cavia cobaya, guinea pig - stout-bodied nearly tailless domesticated cavy; often kept as a pet and widely used in research
aperea, Cavia porcellus, wild cavy - South American cavy; possibly ancestral to the domestic guinea pig


[ˈkeɪvɪ] Nconejillo m de Indias, cobaya m


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5 They imagined that Magellan, when talking of an anima under the name of "conejos" in the Strait of Magellan referred to this species; but he was alluding to a small cavy which to this day is thus called by the Spaniards.
Highlights well worth noting are: Day 1 - Pet Style Grooming Examination and Dog Grooming Examination; Day 2 - Dog Obedience Competition; Day 3 - National Rabbit Show, Fancy Rabbit Show and Cavy (Guinea Pig) Show.
jacchus study group were resting in the crown of a tree, near which an adult female rock cavy was foraging together with its infant, which appeared to be about one third the size of an adult (i.
They shared a pen with a Patagonian cavy, a creature about the size of a fox terrier that looks vaguely like a jackalope in training.
tigrinum ticks in the Cordoba Province of Argentina, engorged nymphs were collected from the common yellow toothed cavy (the rodent Galea musteloides) (5,6).
Beginning with the Indians, attired in all the regalia of their native dress, the parade followed with pioneer missionaries who had brought the gospel to the red man from earliest days; Hudson's Bay Company factors and traders with their Red River carts; the whiskey traders and smugglers; veterans of the original North-West Mounted Police, who came to Alberta in 1874; and the pioneer cowmen, ranch owners, chuckwagons, roundup cooks and their cavy or loose band of saddle horses.
The rabbit and cavy show begins at 9, the dairy cattle show at 9:30, and the poultry show at 10.
of abrangente Order Vernacular Nome citations Use1 Didelphimorphia Skunk 02 4 Racoon 19 2, 4 Opossum 09 1, 2, 4 Opossum 05 2, 4 Rodentia Central American 04 2, 4 abouti Cavy 18 2 Rock cavy 08 2, 4 Xenartra Sex-banded 52 2, 4 armadillo Anteater 07 2, 4 (true) Armadillo 43 2, 4 Primates Monkey 04 4 Total = 58 Total = 514 Key.
Peter Gurney, cavy fancier' Born March 9, 1938, died July 2, 2006
Every Giants fan knows Cavy and he has nothing to prove to me and our goaltending is strong.