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n. pl. ca·vies
Any of various South American rodents of the family Caviidae, including the guinea pigs, characteristically having a vestigial tail.

[From New Latin Cavia, genus name, perhaps from Galibi cabiai.]
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n, pl -vies
(Animals) any small South American hystricomorph rodent of the family Caviidae, esp any of the genus Cavia, having a thickset body and very small tail. See also guinea pig
[C18: from New Latin Cavia, from Galibi cabiai]
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(ˈkeɪ vi)

n., pl. -vies.
any of several short-tailed or tailless South American rodents of the family Caviidae, as the guinea pig.
[1790–1800; < New Latin Cavia name of the genus < Carib cabiai]
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Noun1.cavy - short-tailed rough-haired South American rodentcavy - short-tailed rough-haired South American rodent
gnawer, rodent - relatively small placental mammals having a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth specialized for gnawing
Cavia, genus Cavia - type genus of the Caviidae: guinea pigs
Cavia cobaya, guinea pig - stout-bodied nearly tailless domesticated cavy; often kept as a pet and widely used in research
aperea, Cavia porcellus, wild cavy - South American cavy; possibly ancestral to the domestic guinea pig
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[ˈkeɪvɪ] Nconejillo m de Indias, cobaya m
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In addition, this species is significantly affected by this Salmonella in particular, as considerable levels of infection are registered in cavy breeding facilities.
But there's an extremely high success rate of the speed dating that's on offer at Cavy Haven in Winsford - where the clients leave satisfied almost every time.
Llanrwst Show enjoys huge gate as it looks to move to June | A Llanrwst tug-of-war team feels the pain, with commentary by auctioneer Glyn Owens | RIGHT: Suffolk champion was a ewe lamb from Dion Howatson, St Asaph, with his children Efa (right) and Noa | Supreme beef pair from Limousin exhibitor Siwan Lloyd of Ellis Lloyd, Garthiaen | Melanie Bell's cavy winner, a Pink Eyed Golden guinea pig | Youngstock champ, a Silver Bantam drake from Will Mayers | An aged ewe from Meirion Roberts was supreme sheep | Reserve interbreed sheep champion was the Hill leader, a Hardy Welsh ram lamb bred and shown by Carwyn Roberts
- The Carroll County 4H Rabbit & Cavy club will showcase their obstacle course-trained bunnies and provide a petting area with an assortment of animals from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.<br />
50cm: 1 Rachel Howat (Lady Darcy); 2 Jack Edgar (Guinness); 3 Samantha Wilson (Sunny); 4 Matilda Dale (Cavy); 5 Jasmine McCulloch (Ruben); 6 Freya Glover (Jack).
Colin Cavy, a French dive master who has been in Indonesia for a couple of months, had other problems.
Silver would love to find a suitable Cavy to be rehomed with.
The cavy (Galea spixii) shows interesting characteristics related to reproduction and embryonic development, such as a long gestation period of around 48 days (OLIVEIRA et al., 2012) and reduced time of growth (ROBERTS & PERRY, 1974) when compared to other rodents.
Spix's yellow-toothed (SYT) cavy (Galea spixii, Wagler, 1831), the experimental model utilized in present research (Larcher, 1981; Oliveira et al., 2012) belongs to family Caviidae and subfamily Caviinae (Zappes et al., 2014), occurs in a wide variety of open habitats and can reproduce throughout year because females can support pregnancy even devoid ideal feeding conditions (Larcher, 1981).
These authors postulated that precipitation, temperature, and day length seem to be important for the testis cycle of southern mountain cavy males, although their results were only marginally significant, probably due to the low number of replicas (14 individuals).
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Cavy is an alternative name for which small rodents often kept as pets?