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Plural of cecum.
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In January 2019, as part of Ceca, India reduced import duties on palm oil, cutting duties on crude palm oil from Asean countries, including Malaysia, to 40 per cent from 44 per cent, and duty on Malaysian refined palm oil to 45 per cent from 54 per cent.
She recognises that CECA Wales and our partners in the private sector want to support the public sector in the field of infrastructure to make the objectives of the Well Being of Future Generations Act a reality.
Mark Roper, executive director with the CECA, said the event aimed to show youngsters the range of jobs on offer in civil engineering.
La obra objeto de nuestros comentarios, centrada en la produccion y circulacion monetaria de la ceca de Caesaraugusta (Zaragoza), editada por el CSIC, se ocupa de uno de los mas importantes talleres monetarios hispanorromanos, tanto por el volumen de produccion como, tambien, por la cantidad de informacion que proporciona sobre variados aspectos historico-arqueologicos ligados a la produccion, uso y funcion de las cecas romanas provinciales del noreste de Hispania a inicios del Imperio.
Director and secretary of CECA North East, Stuart Miller, says Fenham Hall Studios has offered a great home for the business.
In its analysis Fitch has identified potential external barriers for CECA providing timely support to CSR, which has led to the uplift provided to CSR's standalone credit assessment of 'BBB-' being capped at three notches.
Histopathologic evaluation of the liver, ceca, kidney, spleen, and small intestine revealed systemic histomoniasis (SH) associated with intralesional and intravascular accumulations of histomonad organisms consistent with H meleagridis.
Desde un enfoque que el mismo autor califica como microsocial (para el preferible a microhistorico), nos lleva por las condiciones laborales, sociales y economicas de los forjadores monetarios, aunque igualmente por las principales caracteristicas y los procesos mas significativos de la ceca mexicana hasta 1821.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 3, 2016-Calgon Carbon Closes EUR 145.5m Acquisition of European Unit from CECA
Rockefeller Ill's Council on Economic and Cultural Affairs (CECA) and to prepare a study of American universities' training of Asian students to meet the needs of the farm sector in their home countries.