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also cae·cum (sē′kəm)
n. pl. ce·ca also cae·ca (-kə)
1. Anatomy The large pouch at the beginning of the large intestine, located in the lower right-hand side of the abdomen. Also called blind gut.
2. A sac or bodily cavity with only one opening.

[Middle English, from Latin (intestīnum) caecum, blind (intestine), neuter of caecus, blind.]

ce′cal adj.
ce′cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.cecal - of or like a cecum
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Methylene chloride protects against cecal ligation and puncture-induced acute lung injury by modulating inflammatory mediators.
It was noted that the appendix was extremely inflamed and thickened with mesentery down to the cecal base.
Reporting tools provide an enhanced method of analyzing data, enabling quick and easy views of per-physician case numbers, medications utilized and physician-to-physician q comparisons of key data to identify outliers that may require addressing, such as scope withdrawal time, adenoma detection rate and rate of cecal intubation.
Before the section is complete, cecal digestion of cellulose in organisms such as rodents, cellulose digestion in termites, and the possible use of some cellulose-digesting microbes in the production of biofuels are also discussed.
The duodenum sample was collected at the apex of this intestinal portion, the jejunum at the midway portion between the point of entry of the bill ducts and Meckel's diverticulum, and the ileum 10 cm before the cecal junction.
The cellulose in forages comes in a number of different forms and the more complex and "matrixed" it becomes as a plant matures, the more difficult and time consuming the cecal fermentation process becomes.
Para se estudar as consequencias clinicas e laboratoriais da tecnica cirurgica, a canulacao cecal em equinos foi realizada em nove equinos, tambem em dois tempos cirurgicos (11).
Data were collected on cecal intubation, rectal retroversion, mean withdrawal time for the endoscopist, quality of bowel prep, use of the antispasmodic hyoscine butylbromide, start time of the procedure, and sedation use.
Of tumors of the lower intestinal tract in the dog, metastasis of cecal leiomyosarcoma was most common and was recorded in 4 of 24 tumors (17 percent).
The second category of explanations is technical issues in colonoscopy performance that may affect right colon detection, including failed cecal intubation, poor preparation (which affects the right colon preferentially), and flat lesions and serrated polyps, both of which are more common in the right colon and easier to miss at colonoscopy, compared with traditional adenomas.
Este tejido linfoide especializado se localiza en la union ileon cecal con una estructura de tipo esferoidal, donde histologicamente, se distingue una cripta central, tejido linfoide difuso y centros germinales de estructura similar a las PP.