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n. cecostomía, creación de una apertura artificial en el ciego.
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Cecostomy, Octreotide/+ (4 weeks) Partial colectomy, Ileostomy last age Patient Nutrition survival/SBT 1.
In the current surgical perspective, surgical procedures in cecal volvulus are hemocolectomy, detorsion, cecopexy and cecostomy operations performed with open or laparoscopic methods.
Zhang et al., "Coordinated hospital-home fecal microbiota transplantation via percutaneous endoscopic cecostomy for recurrent steroid-dependent ulcerative colitis," Gut and Liver, vol.
(35) Other variations to attain antegrade colonic irrigation included the use of a cecostomy button or Chait tube.
Concomitant procedures included creation of continent outflow like Mitrofanoff in 14 patients, Monti neourethra in 2 patients, bilateral ureteric reimplantation in 2 patients, cecostomy button in 4 patients, bladder neck reconstruction in 4 patients, and pubovaginal sling in 3 patients.
Caca, "Percutaneous endoscopic cecostomy (introducer method) in chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction: report of two cases and literature review," Digestive Endoscopy, vol.
Options for the management of cecal volvulus include endoscopic decompression, surgical detorsion alone, cecopexy, cecostomy, and right colectomy with primary or delayed anastomosis or proximal stoma--all through open or minimally invasive approaches.
The options for the management of the cecocolic volvulus include: endoscopic decompression, surgical detorsion alone, cecopexy, cecostomy, and right colectomy with primary anastomosis or stoma formation with delayed anastomosis--through open or minimally invasive approaches.
An 18-French cecostomy tube was placed in the dependent portion of the Indiana pouch and brought through the skin.
The Foley catheter was either removed and the enterotomy closed after resection of the lesion, or the catheter was brought out through a stab wound in the skin to create a tube cecostomy if clinically indicated.
Cecopexy, cecostomy, and resection are all surgical options.
48 children with DPAP, complicated by IP (second group), in the case of ineffective treatment and stimulation of motor-evacuative function of the stomach were additionally treated by retrograde decompression of small intestine using special tube through cecostomy or appendicostomy.