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n. cecostomía, creación de una apertura artificial en el ciego.
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35) Other variations to attain antegrade colonic irrigation included the use of a cecostomy button or Chait tube.
Options for the management of cecal volvulus include endoscopic decompression, surgical detorsion alone, cecopexy, cecostomy, and right colectomy with primary or delayed anastomosis or proximal stoma--all through open or minimally invasive approaches.
Cecostomy has been associated with even higher complication rates, greater than 50% in some series, and has largely been abandoned (12).
The highest rates of recurrence and complication are associated with cecostomy.
48 children with DPAP, complicated by IP (second group), in the case of ineffective treatment and stimulation of motor-evacuative function of the stomach were additionally treated by retrograde decompression of small intestine using special tube through cecostomy or appendicostomy.
Other desperate measures in patients who continue to do poorly are cecostomy or colectomy.
MONTREAL -- Cecostomy in children with chronic functional constipation can dramatically improve both symptoms and quality of life, Dr.
The success rates of antegrade fecal enemas, either a Malone antegrade continence enema (MACE) or cecostomy tube, mandate their inclusion in preoperative discussions.
The addition of the laparoscope in difficult percutaneous endoscopic cecostomy placements is an innovative and less invasive alternative to converting to laparotomy, according to one expert.
ATLANTA -- The social stigma of fecal incontinence in children with spina bifida and congenital rectal abnormalities can be overcome with placement of a percutaneous cecostomy tube, Dr.
He was placed back on extensive conservative bowel management with only mild response; eventually, he required insertion of a cecostomy tube for antegrade irrigation.