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Results: The promoters of the defensin A4 and cecropin B1 genes produced robust expression of luciferase and GFP in the Ae.
In vitro activity and killing effect of the synthetic hybrid cecropin A-melittin peptide CA (1-7) M (2-9) NH2 on methicillin-resistant nosocomial isolates of Staphylococcus aureus and interactions with clinically used antibiotics.
HP leads to a micro-ecological imbalance principally because of its production of an antibacterial peptide called cecropin. This peptide can cause other bacteria to undergo "autogenic autolysis" [28].
[82], when they successfully transformed a commensal symbiont in the hindgut lumen of Rhodnius prolixus, Rhodococcus rhodnii, to express the cecropin A protein to kill the causative agent of Chagas disease, and Trypanosoma cruzi inside their host.
The AMP cecropin AD protected weaned piglets against Escherichia coli infection via increasing immune status [24].
Because of the toxic characters of some effective AMPs, hybride peptides such as CAMA (Cecropin (1-7)-melittin A (2-9) amide) are designed for increasing the antimicrobial activity while decreasing toxicity.
There is a similarity of the A[beta] peptide oligomer poreforming effect with that of other peptide antibiotics (e.g., cecropin A or nystatin) that kill target cells by formation of large pores in the membrane [101-103].
ni based on antimicrobial peptide gene transcription was determined by testing attacin, cecropin, gloverin, lebocin, lysozyme, peptidoglycan recognition protein (PGRP), gallerimycin, and defensin (Tamez-Guerra et al.
Expression of a Synthesized Gene Encoding Cationic Peptide Cecropin B in Transgenic Tomato Plants Protects against Bacterial Diseases.
Inducible resistance of fish bacterial pathogens to the antimicrobial peptide cecropin B.
(1989) found that an antimicrobial synthetic hybrid peptide (cecropin A-melittin) showed bactericidal effect against S.