cedar chest

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Noun1.cedar chest - a chest made of cedarcedar chest - a chest made of cedar    
chest - box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy
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She had been planning to look for a certain white wool shawl in the cedar chest near the east window.
"You have said quite enough, I'm sure." The next minute she had swept down the stairs--and not until she reached the first floor did it suddenly occur to her that she had gone up into the attic to find a white wool shawl in the cedar chest near the east window.
"What did Mother give you out of the treasure box?" asked Amy, who had not been present at the opening of a certain cedar chest in which Mrs.
In the long cedar chests that lined the west gallery of his house, he had stored away many rare and beautiful specimens of what is really the raiment of the Bride of Christ, who must wear purple and jewels and fine linen that she may hide the pallid macerated body that is worn by the suffering that she seeks for and wounded by self-inflicted pain.
All that remains is Irma's scrapbook with 200 letters that she carefully stored in a cedar chest - her "hope chest" - ahead of the marriage she and Leslie had long talked about.
The list of items includes a cedar chest that one victim, a woman who lives in north Eugene, said in court contained the ashes of her dog.
Air haps out in spring, store them in a cedar chest during warm weather, and then look forward to their warmth again the following winter!
Cedar Chest, two stories of eclectic gifts from flannel nightgowns to ornaments for the Christmas tree, is at the front of the building.
Grandfather Aubrey Cameron, 84, stored all his retirement funds inside a cedar chest which went missing over a year and a half.
The outdoor set at Aix is austere and minimalist, looking like the inside of a drawer in a cedar chest, with unchanging lighting.
military post in South Korea, he dug through a cedar chest at his mother's house to find old pictures of his father in Korea, and later shared them with his Korean counterparts.
In fact, they gave her a huge cedar chest with a golden latch and a tiny gold key for her second birthday and stored plastic jewelry in it.