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When I got to the pond, I could see that he was bringing in a little cedar tree across his pommel.
Although they get their ploughs from Manchester, they make their coats from their own sheep, their silk from their own worms, and their furniture from their own cedar trees, so that in arts and industries the place is still much where it was in Elizabethan days.
At night time she sang or played with the windows open, Wingrave himself out of sight under the cedar trees, whose perfume filled with aromatic sweetness the still night air.
Here are found rubies and many precious things, and rare plants grow abundantly, with cedar trees and cocoa palms.
It stood then, as now, upon a cross road, out of call of human habitations, and buried fathom deep in the foliage of six cedar trees.
The vehicle later crashed into eight vehicles that were queuing on the A469 near the Cedar Tree roundabout roadworks.
Police said a suspect was last seen near the Cedar Tree roundabout in Caerphilly wearing a navy blue tracksuit bottoms and a navy blue top.
We wanted to hunt it, so we located a big bushy cedar tree that was within 20 yards of the trail.
4 At fork in path, take left branch along the lake to the large cedar tree and you'll come to the Gothic Arch, entrance to the Menagerie Garden.
Download Shorter tours Ehden Reserve NNA - British Ambassador to Lebanon, Hugo Shorter, on Saturday, toured the Nature Reserve in Ehden, where he planted a Cedar tree bearing his name.
The cedar tree decorates center of the Lebanese National Flag.
The massive cedar tree - weighing five tonnes - blew down in Portmeirion and was rescued by internationally acclaimed sculptor, David Nash from Blaenau Ffestiniog who has shaped and carved the tree and brought it back to life to provide shelter for wildlife.

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