cedar-apple rust

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ce·dar-ap·ple rust

A disease caused by a rust fungus (Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae) that spends part of its life cycle on certain junipers, causing galls and twig dieback, and the remainder of its life cycle on susceptible apples or crabapples, causing yellow spots and early shedding of leaves or fruit.
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Noun1.cedar-apple rust - rust fungus causing rust spots on apples and pears etccedar-apple rust - rust fungus causing rust spots on apples and pears etc
rust fungus, rust - any of various fungi causing rust disease in plants
genus Gymnosporangium, Gymnosporangium - genus of fungi that produce galls on cedars and other conifers of genera Juniperus and Libocedrus and causes rust spots on apples and pears and other plants of family Rosaceae
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Resistance to diseases such as scab, cedar-apple rust and fire blight needs to be considered.
Black spot is showing up on roses, mildew is everywhere, anthracnose can be expected to disfigure sycamores, apple scab and cedar-apple rust have made their appearance and are spreading.
'Toba' and 'Snowbird' are the most commonly available cultivars as they were once thought to be resistant to the Gymnosporangium rust diseases such as hawthorn-juniper gall rust and cedar-apple rust. Unfortunately ornamental hawthorn trees are dying throughout southern Manitoba especially from the hawthorn-juniper gall rust.