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Adj.1.cedar-scented - smelling like cedar
odorous - having odor or a characteristic odor; "odorous jasmine flowers"; "odorous garbage"; "fresh odorous bread"
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com), This company's storage systems are also worth looking at, as well as their cedar-scented hanging hearts for the wardrobe.
Chteau La Rose Saint Bonnet, Mdoc 2009 (pounds 9.99 from Laithwaites) is mostly Merlot - an elegant, deep ruby red with cedar-scented black fruits, especially ripe brambles.
The play is effective in showing how a girl from Olympia, Wash.--with its oat-bran muffins, cedar-scented woods and post-hippie liberalism--reacted against the tranquility of her environment, rejecting the guilt of complacency, privilege and safety by recklessly venturing to feel the world's injustices first-hand.