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n. pl. ce·dis
See Table at currency.

[Possibly from Akan (Fante) sedị, small shell, cowry.]


n, pl -di
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Ghana, divided into 100 pesewas


(ˈseɪ di)

n., pl. -di, -dis.
the basic monetary unit of Ghana.
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Noun1.cedi - the basic unit of money in Ghana
Ghanian monetary unit - monetary unit of Ghana
pesewa - 100 pesewas equal 1 cedi in Ghana
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But if the cedi bonds are linked to the treasury bill rate, that would give the investor a net return as treasury bill rates in Ghana are priced higher than inflation, said John Ofosu Awuk, a money manager at NDK Asset Management.
For example, the cedi and the Gambian dalasi fell by over 45% versus the dollar between 2000-02.
9%, interest rates were in excess of 50%, and the cedi had depreciated by 300% against the US dollar -- from C2,550 to $1 in August 1999 to C7,700 in December 2000.
The cedi fell from 3,530 to the US dollar in January 2000 to 7,100 a year later.
By the time Rawlings left office 18 years later, the exchange rate was 10,500 cedis to one pound (10,500:1).
When he started his IMF/World Bank-backed economic programme in April 1983, the cedi exchanged for C5 to [pounds sterling]1.
The Government of Ghana was keen to lift funds worth 400 million Ghana cedis (US$201.
The Bank has recently approved an additional five African currencies including the Ghanaian Cedi and the Franc CFA for both West and Central African zones as official lending currencies of the Bank.
Kuffour, thinks something has to be done: "The cedi [Ghana's currency] in our pockets loses its value on a daily basis.
Smith and Kyle Korver, the rotation now features 22-year-old Cedi Osman playing a bigger role.
Butler drove the left side and had a step on rookie Cedi Osman before getting off a short shot.