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tr.v. ced·ed, ced·ing, cedes
1. To surrender possession of, especially by treaty. See Synonyms at relinquish.
2. To yield; grant: The debater refused to cede the point to her opponent.

[French céder, from Old French, from Latin cēdere; see ked- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.ceding - the act of ceding
relinquishing, relinquishment - the act of giving up and abandoning a struggle or task etc.
ceding back, recession - the act of ceding back
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And as it is to be appropriated to this use with the consent of the State ceding it; as the State will no doubt provide in the compact for the rights and the consent of the citizens inhabiting it; as the inhabitants will find sufficient inducements of interest to become willing parties to the cession; as they will have had their voice in the election of the government which is to exercise authority over them; as a municipal legislature for local purposes, derived from their own suffrages, will of course be allowed them; and as the authority of the legislature of the State, and of the inhabitants of the ceded part of it, to concur in the cession, will be derived from the whole people of the State in their adoption of the Constitution, every imaginable objection seems to be obviated.
(the land of the West Saxons), which had now taken first place among the Anglo-Saxon states, stemmed the tide of invasion and by ceding to the
In 1999, the government issued a Prakas ceding the old base's land and forest land in the area covering 1,929ha to 233 families of veteran combatants to construct houses and make a living, ' Yeun said.
In order to consummate the transaction, Athene has deployed approximately $700M of capital in aggregate, which includes capital to support the block and a ceding commission paid by ALRe.
In a statement by the PDP publicity secretary, Tunde Ashaolu, the party commended Governor Ahmed for ceding the party's Kwara South senatorial ticket to Ibolo axis of the zone.
Investors will be exposed to the risk that ceding insurers will need to pay on the related MI claims.
The Class 3 note is not attached until the ceding insurer absorbs the first $230 million of losses.
Underlining the need for ceding half-finished projects to the private sector, the Chief Executive said that some projects can be ceded free of charge.
The company that transfers the risk is called the ceding company and the accepting company is called reinsurer.
31 July 2016 - 17:18 Iran Mine Industry responsible for ceding projects to investors "The policies of this organization (IMIDRO) is to procure the minerals needed by the country and besides it to give the projects to private sector and foreign investors," IMIDRO explorations manager Ali Asqarzadeh said in a meeting with activists of the private sector in mining and mining industries sector in Tehran on Saturday.
Iverson presents a relatively simple plan: pay North Korean leaders (as well as citizens) compensation from a Korean Peace Fund for ceding power, while ensuring their personal safety and freedom.
Jayalalith, who filed the petition in December 2008 as AIADMK general secretary, sought a declaration as unconstitutional the 1974 and 1976 agreements between New Delhi and Colombo on ceding of Kachchatheevu, an island off the Rameswaram coast, to Sri Lanka.