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n. pl. ce·dis
See Table at currency.

[Possibly from Akan (Fante) sedị, small shell, cowry.]
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n, pl -di
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Ghana, divided into 100 pesewas
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(ˈseɪ di)

n., pl. -di, -dis.
the basic monetary unit of Ghana.
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Noun1.cedi - the basic unit of money in Ghana
Ghanian monetary unit - monetary unit of Ghana
pesewa - 100 pesewas equal 1 cedi in Ghana
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I am a small investor in several companies in Ghana, and I must confess that I am deterred from larger or more frequent investing by the horrendous charges imposed when I convert from US dollars to Ghanaian Cedis. Those charges can amount to 20%, which means that there is an immediate loss of one-fifth of the investment before any trading begins!
Consequently, the government now has money available for various development projects, including allocating 24.48bn cedis to the Ministry of Education to upgrade 31 senior secondary schools into model schools, and a further 40.8bn cedis to fund six-unit classroom blocks for four towns in each of the 110 districts of the country.
The only way to shut them up is to "melt" some more cedis. On one trip, I was never able to return from my town to Accra, where I lived, with ANY money at all left in my pocket.
He said its main aims were to bring inflation under control and stabilise the falling cedi.
Last year, the government did not only set the target of zero borrowing from the domestic market, we also ended up paying back part of the domestic debt of about 0.4% of GDP, about 280 billion cedis. Therefore, I will say with some confidence that many things have gone right with the economy.
Impeccable information available to this paper has it that the development has seen passport applicants rushing to the national capital where they pay GHS300 cedis for a passport.
'Mr Speaker, within some few months, we can see an increase in public debt by 25 billion cedis. My concern has nothing to do with the nominal numbers.