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A broad-spectrum cephalosporin antibiotic, C22H22N6O7S2, that is given intravenously and is especially effective against some species of Pseudomonas.

[cef(a)- + t(hi)az(ole) + (am)id(e) + (ox)ime.]
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Noun1.ceftazidime - a parenteral cephalosporin (trade names Fortaz and Tazicef) used to treat moderate infections
cephalosporin, Mefoxin - one of several broad spectrum antibiotic substances obtained from fungi and related to penicillin (trade names Mefoxin); addition of side chains has produced semisynthetic antibiotics with greater antibacterial activity


n ceftazidima
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Avibactam is a first-in-class non-beta-lactam beta-lactamase inhibitor which protects ceftazidime against degradation by certain beta-lactamases.
The following antibiotic discs were tested: Ceftazidime (30 [micro]g), Cefotaxime (30 [micro]g), Ceftriaxone (30 [micro]g), Cefepime (30 [micro]g), Cefoxitin (30 [micro]g), Ampicillin (10 [micro]g), Gentamicin (10 [micro]g), Amikacin (30 [micro]g), Ciprofloxacin (5 [micro]g) and Meropenem (10 [micro]g) [HiMedia laboratories, Mumbai, India].
Intravenous (IV) ceftazidime dose 1g OD and IV cloxacillin 500mg QID were commenced after blood cultures were taken from the catheter and peripheral site.
Antimicrobial discs of piperacillin/tazobactam (TZP; 100/10 ug/ml), amikacin (AK; 30 ug/ml), ciprofloxacin (CIP; 5 ug/ml), ceftazidime (CAZ; 30 ug/ml), meropenem (MEM; 10 ug/ml) and aztreonam (ATM; 30 ug/ml) were obtained from Oxoid.
12 The antibiotics that were used against gram-positive bacteria were (20 ug of amoxicillin + 10 ug of clavulanate), ceftazidime (30ug), cephalothin (30ug), clindamycin (2ug), erythromycin (15ug), gentamycin (10ug), oxacillin (1ug), penicillin (10ug) and vancomycin (30ug).
Ceftazidime is one of the third-generation of cephalosporins, which can lead to development of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases (ESBLs) in gram negative bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P.
It consists of ceftazidime, a thirdgeneration cephalosporin, and avibactam, a non-B lactam B-lactamase inhibitor.
Confirmatory test susceptibilities to cefotaxime and ceftazidime alone those with clavulonate are compared using disk diffusion, increase significantly more than or equal to five mm increase in a zone diameter (7).
The aim of the research was to design a controlled drug release system by using dendrimer nanoparticles and ceftazidime antibiotic to cure infections caused by gram negative bacteria such as pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Abstract: Bacterial culture and susceptibility testing results of a wound on the plantar aspect of the foot of a 4-year-old, male chicken with a class IV pododermatitis revealed a multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli bacterium, sensitive to only a few antibiotics including ceftazidime.