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Manama: A man who killed a guest during a wedding celebratory fire will have to face justice under public law despite being forgiven by the dead man's family.
New Delhi: On International Women`s Day, Vistara airlines announced a special celebratory sale to customers.
Salem al-Mannai handing over a cheque at the celebratory event.
With their positions and careers on the line, certain police officials appear determined to deny any incidence of injuries due to celebratory gunfire during the holidays.
Summary: Karachi [Pakistan], Jan 1 (ANI): Several people, including a woman, were injured in celebratory firing in Karachi, when the city welcomed the New Year.
We want to draw the attention of the government towards the expected nuisance incidents of celebratory firing during the new year night celebrations all over Pakistan.
14, Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk urged municipalities across Lebanon to take swift action against celebratory gunfire on New Year's Eve, according to the state-run National News Agency.
Download Aoun, Mashnouq tackle parliamentary by elections, random celebratory shooting NNA - President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Thursday met at the Baabda palace with Interior and Municipalities Minister, Nuhad Mashnouq, whereby they discussed the general situation in the country, notably the success of the adopted measures to reduce the percentage of random celebratory shooting on occasions, in addition to the issue of parliamentary by-elections On emerging, Minister Mashnouq lauded the measures adopted at the political, security and media levels, which significantly contributed to decreasing by 63% the arbitrary celebratory gunfire in the period between the announcement of Brevet official exams and that of Baccalaureat.
A bill that criminalizes celebratory gunfire in Texas - filed by a House member who was hit by what was apparently a stray bullet on New Year's Eve - is a long shot to reach the governor's desk.
After a spate of tragic deaths from celebratory gunfire in the country, his words ring tragically true.
Mustapha Al-Sayyed patronised the celebratory event under the slogan "In Love of the Homeland".
LLANGOLLEN YFC's raging bull emblem took centre stage at a celebratory event to emphasise its continued strength after 75 years.