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 (sā′lä, thā′-), Camilo José 1916-2002.
Spanish writer who is best known for developing tremendismo, a style by which novels culminate in violence and terror, as in his early work The Family of Pascal Duarte (1942). He won the 1989 Nobel Prize for literature.


(Spanish ˈθela)
(Biography) Camilo José (kaˈmilo xoˈse). 1916–2002, Spanish novelist and essayist. His works include The Family of Pascual Duarte (1942), La Colmena (1951), and La Cruz de San Andres (1994). Nobel prize for literature 1989


(ˈθɛ lɑ)
Camilo José, born 1916, Spanish writer: Nobel prize 1989.
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