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 (sə-lĕs′tə) also ce·leste (-lĕst′)
A musical instrument with a keyboard and metal plates struck by hammers that produce bell-like tones.

[French célesta, from céleste, celestial, from Latin caelestis; see celestial.]


(sɪˈlɛstə) or


(Instruments) music a keyboard percussion instrument consisting of a set of steel plates of graduated length that are struck with key-operated hammers. The tone is an ethereal tinkling sound. Range: four octaves upwards from middle C
[C19: from French, Latinized variant of céleste heavenly]


(səˈlɛs tə)

also ce•leste


n., pl. -les•tas also -lestes.
a musical instrument consisting principally of a set of graduated steel plates struck with hammers that are activated by a keyboard.
[1895–1900; < French célesta,céleste literally, heavenly (see celestial)]
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Noun1.celesta - a musical instrument consisting of graduated steel plates that are struck by hammers activated by a keyboardcelesta - a musical instrument consisting of graduated steel plates that are struck by hammers activated by a keyboard
keyboard instrument - a musical instrument that is played by means of a keyboard


, celeste
n (Mus) → Celesta f
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Notre Pere qui etes au ciel" went off like a shot; then followed an address to Marie "vierge celeste, reine des anges, maison d'or, tour d'ivoire
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No one has yet been able to explain the mystery that surrounds the eerie disappearance of the crew of the Marie Celeste after the ship was found floating abandoned a month after her New York launch.
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