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 (sĕl′ĭ-stĭn′, -stīn′, sə-lĕs′tĭn, -tīn)

[German Zölestin, from Latin caelestis, celestial; see celestial.]
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Xavier Rabourdin fell desperately in love with Mademoiselle Celestine Leprince, then seventeen years of age, who had all the matrimonial claims of a dowry of two hundred thousand francs.
By the end of this time Celestine, alarmed at the non-advancement of her husband, insisted on investing the remaining hundred thousand francs of her dowry in landed property, which returned only a slender income; but her future inheritance from her father would amply repay all present privations with perfect comfort and ease of life.
Most women grow weary of this daily struggle; they complain but they usually end by giving up to fate and taking what comes to them; Celestine's ambition, far from lessening, only increased through difficulties, and led her, when she found she could not conquer them, to sweep them aside.
Celestine, much grieved, thought her husband narrow- minded, timid, unsympathetic; and she acquired, insensibly, a wholly false opinion of the companion of her life.
Thus, goaded by Celestine's ambition, Rabourdin had long considered the means of satisfying it, though he hid his hopes, so as to spare her the tortures of uncertainty.
If Rabourdin succeeded him, his talents (for Celestine did vouchsafe him an administrative gift) would be so thoroughly appreciated that the office of Master of petitions, formerly promised, would now be given to him; she fancied she saw him the king's commissioner, presenting bills to the Chambers and defending them; then indeed she could help him; she would even be, if needful, his secretary; she would sit up all night to do the work!
Old Celestine, who works occasionally for me, says she will come stay with me and do my work.
He took an interest in me, and it is to him that I to-day owe it that I am a veritable man of letters, who knows Latin from the de Officiis of Cicero to the mortuology of the Celestine Fathers, and a barbarian neither in scholastics, nor in politics, nor in rhythmics, that sophism of sophisms.
There the French widower had shaded the grave: of his Elmire or Celestine with a brilliant thicket of roses, amidst which a little tablet rising, bore an equally bright testimony to her countless virtues.
Comedian Timothy Kimani alias Njugush's wife, Celestine Ndinda, says she hated dogs before they got married.
Ayok Celestine, and the participants, unanimously urged government, to establish effective price stability support mechanism to attract and protect investment in dairy farming they and also, called for robust intervention in addressing infrastructure deficits militating against the sub sector.
Author Karin Celestine creates tiny needle felted creatures (water voles, in this book) and photographs them outdoors with exquisite miniature props.