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 (sĕl′ĭ-stīt′, sə-lĕs′tīt′)
A white, red-brown, orange, or light blue principal strontium ore, essentially strontium sulfate, SrSO4, found in sedimentary rock. Also called celestine.

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(ˈsɛlɪˌstaɪt) or


(Minerals) a white, red, or blue mineral consisting of strontium sulphate in orthorhombic crystalline form: a source of strontium compounds. Formula: SrSO4
[C19: from German Zölestin, from Latin caelestis celestial (referring to the blue colour) + -ite1]
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(ˈsɛl əˌstaɪt)

also cel•es•tine

(-stɪn, -ˌstaɪn)

a mineral, strontium sulfate, SrSO4, occurring in white to pale blue crystals: the chief ore of strontium.
[1850–55; celest(ine) (< German Zölestin < New Latin coelest(is), for Latin caelestis celestial + German -in -in1) + -ite1]
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Noun1.celestite - a mineral consisting of strontium sulphate
atomic number 38, Sr, strontium - a soft silver-white or yellowish metallic element of the alkali metal group; turns yellow in air; occurs in celestite and strontianite
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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Altamont's financial services companies include Atlanta, Ga.-based McLarens, a claims management and property loss adjustment business; Irving, Texas-based Celestite, a non-standard auto managing general agency; Atlanta, Ga.-based Embark General, a managing general agency; and Accelerant, a U.K.-based agency.
These include the newly-developed Celestite Gray ME, which further expresses sophistication and generates a voluminous feel.
4 Celestite for sweet dreams bedroom, celestite is good for a great night's sleep.
However, surged price hikes coupled with availability of barite substitutes such as celestite, synthetic hematite, and iron ore pose significant threat to the growth of barite market.
Another distinct feature of this first experiment and all subsequent experiments with Opalinus Clay and adjacent clay-rich units is that the outflow appears to be buffered by celestite (Sr-sulphate) with calculated saturation indices within [+ or -]0.05 for most analyses, while sulphate is evolving gradually from the concentrations seen in the earliest extracts towards that in the artificial pore water.
Since discovery of Thar coal field, several areas of Sindh has attained a significant importance in their stratigraphic settings and natural resources potential such as bentonite, granite and celestite etc.
Body macrofossils are generally fragmentary, with evidence of dissolution and replacement by calcite and celestite in sponges, dissolution and aragonite-calcite neomorfism processes in corals and molluscs, and replacement by well crystallized francolite (carbonate-fluorapatite) in fossil vertebrates (Astibia et al., 2005; 2014) (Fig.
(0 to 29 m) and is described as a white, friable sandstone with well-rounded quartz grains; may contain scattered masses of calcite, celestite, and dolomite; and is interbedded with arenaceous dolomite with bands of chert (Wolfe, 2013).
It is hardly an accident that America's longest war is in a country that is both a potential pathway for oil and "could fulfill the world's desire for rare-earth and critical minerals." Afghanistan is rich in gold, lead, zinc, mercury, limestone, gypsum, tin, copper, lithium, and uranium, along with lesser-known carbonatite, tourmaline, barite, celestite, fluorite, magnestite and talc.
Phase SI log IAP log KT Anhydrite -0.91 -5.37 -4.47 CaSO4 Aragonite 0.12 -8.34 -8.46 CaCO3 Calcite 0.25 -8.34 -8.59 CaCO3 Celestite -0.37 -7.06 -6.69 SrSO4 Chalcedony -1.67 -5.04 -3.37 SiO2 CO2(g) -1.92 -20.07 -18.15 CO2 Dolomite 0.39 -17.06 -17.45 CaMg(CO3)2 Gypsum -0.78 -5.38 -4.60 CaSO4:2H2O Halite -3.64 -2.03 1.62 NaCl O2(g) -33.37 44.59 77.95 O2 Quartz -1.29 -5.04 -3.75 SiO2 Table 3: Results of geothermometry of Geno hot spring samples in different seasons.
I: refinement of the crystal structure of celestite with an appendix on the structure of thenardite," The Canadian Mineralogist, vol.