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n. celiotomía. V.: laparotomy
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The patient was taken emergently to the operating room for upper endoscopy and exploratory celiotomy.
Exploratory celiotomy demonstrated copious amounts of firm, nodular fat completely surrounding the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in extensive chronic adhesions between intestinal loops.
All procedures were performed using celiotomy and included a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass with a 30- to 50-mL proximal gastric pouch (stapled in continuity), a biliopancreatic limb extending from the ligament of Treitz to 250 cm from the ileocecal junction, and a common channel of 50-150 cm, Dr.
Exploratory celiotomy showed enlargement of the mesenteric and colonic lymph nodes and multiple local thickenings of the small intestine wall, large colon, and cecum.
Prior to that time, a diagnostic peritoneal lavage (DPL) positive for blood, was an indication for exploratory celiotomy because of concern about ongoing hemorrhage and/or missed intra-abdominal injuries needing repair (EAST 2003).
The staged celiotomy for trauma: issues in unpacking and reconstruction.
Morris et al described a series of 107 patients who underwent staged celiotomy with abdominal packing and focused on the indications and timing of reconstruction, criteria for emergency return to the operating room, complications after reconstruction, and the abdominal compartment syndrome (12).
During exploratory celiotomy a ruptured right hepatic abscess was discovered.
After surgery, the birds in the transmitter group spent more time preening tail feathers than those in the control and celiotomy groups.
We describe a patient with multiple injuries who had an abbreviated celiotomy with repair of vascular injuries and packing of other injuries.
Internal vasectomy is performed by severing and removing a section of the ductus deferens through bilateral celiotomy or by endoscopic-guided techniques.