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n. celiotomía. V.: laparotomy
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Two patients were cured using conservative management, two patients underwent treatment for transnasal intestinal obstruction with catheter implantation, and one patient who had a strangulated peritoneal hiatus hernia recovered well after a celiotomy.
Commercially available multiport access devices require a 3-4cm celiotomy (TAPIA-ARAYA et al.
Identification of potential physiological and behavioral indicators of postoperative pain in horses after exploratory celiotomy for colic.
Overiohysterectomy operation with fetuses and suturing of diaphragmatic tears by celiotomy were performed under general anesthesia.
Blunt abdominal trauma: a 5 year analysis of 870 patients requiring celiotomy.
To our knowledge, only one clinical case of a foreign body successfully removed by celiotomy in an African black-footed penguin has been reported.
The surgical site was aseptically prepared and a parapreputial skin incision was performed followed by caudal celiotomy.
In patients with severe open pelvic or abdominal injuries, temporizing proximal vascular control of the iliac vessels or aorta via a celiotomy or the retroperitoneal approach is an option.
All cases were approached surgically by ventral celiotomy (Trent and Smith 1984).