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n. celiotomía. V.: laparotomy
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Laparotomy also known as celiotomy is a surgical procedure involving a large incision through abdominal wall to gain access to the peritoneal cavity.
Treatment and outcome: A midline celiotomy was performed, and a large granuloma was identified ventral to the ventriculus, adherent to the dorsal aspect of the keel bone.
After two weeks of the first surgical procedure, exploratory celiotomy and right nephrectomy were performed, without major complications.
Three different modalities of correction, include rolling the mare under general anesthesia, standing flank laparotomy or ventral midline celiotomy.
Two patients were cured using conservative management, two patients underwent treatment for transnasal intestinal obstruction with catheter implantation, and one patient who had a strangulated peritoneal hiatus hernia recovered well after a celiotomy. During the operation, we observed part of the small intestine herniate into the pelvic cavity and ischemic osteonecrosis; therefore, we excised part of the small bowel.
Based on observations, it was primarily diagnosed as obstructive urolithiasis and was decided to go for tube cystostomy, however on exploring the urinary bladder through celiotomy bilateral extramural ectopic ureters was observed and the condition was treated by neoureterocystostomy.
After rats were anesthetized via intraperitoneal injection of 3% sodium pentobarbital (40mg/kg), midline celiotomy was performed to expose the abdominal artery just above the kidney artery.
In the second part, rats receiving the ER stress inhibitor 4-phenylbutyrate (4-PBA) (40mg/kg) given intraperitoneally 30 minutes (min) before operation underwent celiotomy with CLP and compared with rats which received CLP without 4-PBA pretreatment and with sham operated group (sham, CLP, CLP + PBA, n = 6 per group) were studied.