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A person with whom one shares a cell, especially in a prison.


(ˈsɛlmeɪt) or


person with whom a prisoner shares a cell



a fellow inmate in a prison cell.


[ˈselmeɪt] Ncompañero/a m/f de celda


cell-mate [ˈsɛlmeɪt] n (male)compagnon m de cellule; (female)compagne f de cellule
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William Maxwell Abel was found lying on the bottom bunk of his bed and bleeding heavily by his cell-mate who immediately notified prison guards.
He and his cell-mate, Dennis Smith, were locked in their double room on the second floor of Reynoldstown Unit for the night by the prison guards at around 5pm.
Meanwhile, Bob's violent cell-mate Ged has arranged for his friend to meet Brenda with a SIM card to smuggle into prison.
Summary: An inmate who allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted his cell-mate, has been referred by the Public Prosecution to Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance, on the charge of sodomy.
Who played Ronnie Barker's cell-mate in the Duckling?
CONGRATULATIONS to the tattooist who messed up the tribute on Raoul Moat's former cell-mate.
30pm) Gail gets a surprise tonight in the form of her new cell-mate Tracey Barlow.
A spell in prison follows, where he meets and falls in love with his cell-mate Phillip Morris, played by Trainspotting star Ewan McGergor.
In his evidence, Sheen claimed he had been attacked five days before the fire by a former cell-mate.
Mr Harris' family only found out about his plight thanks to a released cell-mate who kept a promise to phone them.
While serving a sentence for assault, he was given a further eight years in 2004 for stabbing his cell-mate.
Karen is concerned that Jamie will return to a life of crime when his old cell-mate comes to stay, Carl sets out to prove he has a talent for boxing, and Norma goes on a date.