cell-mediated immune response

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cell-med·i·at·ed immune response

The immune response produced when sensitized T cells directly attack foreign antigens and secrete lymphokines that initiate the body's humoral immune response. Also called cellular immune response.
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Noun1.cell-mediated immune response - an immune response (chiefly against viral or fungal invasions or transplanted tissue) that involves T cells
immune reaction, immune response, immunologic response - a bodily defense reaction that recognizes an invading substance (an antigen: such as a virus or fungus or bacteria or transplanted organ) and produces antibodies specific against that antigen
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Our objectives were to: (1) compare three similar species in relation to nestling cell-mediated immune response, condition, and survival; and (2) examine the effects of severe drought on both nestlings and adults during the breeding season.
Cell-mediated immune responses to viruses and tumor-associated antigens may have implications for enhancing our knowledge of the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of NPC in the near future.
We next asked if cutaneous application of beryllium would initiate a beryllium-specific, cell-mediated immune response in mice.
QFM measures the cell-mediated immune response and can provide important information on the strength of the immune system in the immunosuppressed solid organ transplant population.
QFM uses a combination of stimulants that specifically target different cell types involved in both the innate and adaptive immune systems to detect cell-mediated immune response, thereby providing qualitative and quantitative measurement of cell-mediated immune function.
The cell-mediated immune response is critical for controlling such pathogens because their intracellular location shelters them from antibody binding.
These assassins, including natural killer cells, become part of the cell-mediated immune response.
14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Cylex Incorporated today announced that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) nearly tripled the reimbursement for ImmuKnow, the immune cell function assay FDA-cleared for the detection of cell-mediated immune response in populations undergoing immunosuppressive therapy for organ transplant.
The scientists have not yet evaluated the cell-mediated immune response in the volunteers, nor whether their antibodies can neutralize HIV in vitor.
According to Harry Zhabilov, Chief Science Officer of Immunotech Laboratories, "IPF appears to modulate helper Th-1 cells' expression of elaborate cytokines INFy, IL-2, which selectively promote cell-mediated immune response and subsequently stimulate cytotoxic lymphocytes.