A person with whom one shares a cell, especially in a prison.


(ˈsɛlmeɪt) or


person with whom a prisoner shares a cell



a fellow inmate in a prison cell.


[ˈselmeɪt] Ncompañero/a m/f de celda


cell-mate [ˈsɛlmeɪt] n (male)compagnon m de cellule; (female)compagne f de cellule
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KILLER Raoul Moat's former cellmate had a tattoo done in tribute when the gunman died - but the name is wrongly spelt.
WORCESTER - A trial date has been set for a man accused of raping his cellmate at the county jail last year.
Charles Laughton's thriller stars Robert Mitchum as Harry, a psychopathic nut who poses as a priest to woo the family of a former cellmate who is about to be hanged for robbery.
LANCASTER - A Lancaster state prison inmate already serving time for an Orange County murder has been charged with murdering his cellmate.
An inmate who murdered his cellmate after he was refused a request to be sectioned will have to serve at least 14 years in jail for the killing.
The court held that issues remained as to whether the manager knew that the inmate's cellmate was a predatory homosexual and disregarded the risk to the inmate by not transferring him or segregating him from his cellmate.
JAILED peer Jeffrey Archer's former cellmate has revealed how he had to save him from two savage beatings.
With the addition of the logo painted on the front window, Cellmate Communications, Inc.
Dubai: A detainee was sentenced to six months in jail for punching his cellmate and breaking his teeth because the latter cursed his mother while playing cards.
In leaked tapes of conversations with her parents, she says she was sexually attacked by a burly cellmate called Rosa, serving a life sentence for murder.
Karen worries when Jamie's old cellmate Mark visits and becomes determined to keep him from going back to his old ways.