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1. A thin, flexible, transparent cellulose material made from wood pulp and used as a moistureproof wrapping.
2. Plastic wrap.

[Originally a trademark.]

cel′lo·phane′ adj.


trademark a flexible thin transparent sheeting made from wood pulp and used as a moisture-proof wrapping
[C20: from cellulose + -phane]


(ˈsɛl əˌfeɪn)

a transparent, moistureproof paperlike product made from viscose, used to wrap and package food and other products.
[1910–15; formerly a trademark]
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Noun1.cellophane - a transparent paperlike product that is impervious to moisture and used to wrap candy or cigarettes etc.
plastic wrap - wrapping consisting of a very thin transparent sheet of plastic
وَرَق سيلوفان شَفّاف للتَّغْليف
sellófan, umbúîaefni


® [ˈseləfeɪn] Ncelofán m


ncellophane® f
modif [wrapping, pack] → de cellophane®cell phone cellphone, cell-phone [ˈsɛlfəʊn] nportablemtéléphone m portable


nCellophan® nt


® [ˈsɛləˌfeɪn] ncellophane ® m


(ˈseləfein) (ˌin the United Kingdom) noun
a type of clear wrapping material. flowers wrapped in cellophane; (also adjective) cellophane wrapping.
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According to the report, the suspect was caught in the act of selling one plastic cellophane containing suspected dried marijuana leaves for P500.
Side grafting technology is done by inserting a pencil-size cacao budwood stick to a triangle cut in a trunk of an old cacao tree, and covering the grafted cacao with cellophane to avoid rain water.
Two bricks of suspected cocaine wrapped in a transparent cellophane and placed in a black rubberized bag had been turned over by village officials to Libjo town police in the province of Dinagat Island at 7:10 on Sunday, the Caraga regional police reported.
Use tissue paper and cellophane to decorate both sides.
The attached agency of the Department of Agriculture (DA) made the appeal after a huge amount of foreign objects, mostly plastics and cellophane, were found in the stomach of a dead Cuvier's beaked whale.
MANY Nigerians did not understand where the Agriculture Minister Audu Ogbeh was coming from when sometime ago he warned his compatriots against the use of cellophane in their food regime.
Cellophane, which was invented in 1920, is made of cellulose, a substance found in the cell walls of plants.
BAYAMBANG, Pangasinan -- The municipal government of this town will start banning the use of plastic cellophane, sando bags and styrofoam this July.
The bars were concealed in a black adhesive cellophane tape and kept in the pocket of his shirt.
For instance, you'll be able to tell people a sweet wrapped in cellophane makes the same amount of noise no matter how slowly you open it...
* a sheet of red cellophane from a craft store, or red cellophane used to wrap presents.