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 (hĭs′tō-pə-thŏl′ə-jē, -pă-)
The study of the microscopic anatomical changes in diseased tissue.

his′to·path′o·log′ic (-păth′ə-lŏj′ĭk), his′to·path′o·log′i·cal adj.
his′to·path′o·log′i·cal·ly adv.
his′to·pa·thol′o·gist n.


(Pathology) the study of the microscopic structure of diseased tissues
histopathologic, histopathological adj


(ˌhɪs toʊ pəˈθɒl ə dʒi)

the branch of pathology dealing with the structure of abnormal or diseased tissue.
his`to•path`o•log′ic (-təˌpæθ əˈlɒdʒ ɪk) his`to•path`o•log′i•cal, adj.
his`to•pa•thol′o•gist, n.
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The LIMS will support all pathology specialties (Blood Sciences, Cellular Pathology, Infection Sciences , Molecular etc ) and integrate to all current and future pathology analysers as required.
Lady Elsie Robson, Alan Shearer, Steve Harper and John Reid, who is the first recruit to PROSPECTNE, shown around the Cellular Pathology Department of the Royal Victoria Infirmary
BERLIN -- From cellular pathology to socioeconomics, methamphetamine and HIV are a devastating combination.
The business, which supplies cellular pathology products and services, secured a PS565,000 finance package from HSBC to extend its site in Newtown, enabling the firm to develop its business in the UK and export to over 40 countries worldwide.
From the Department of Cellular Pathology, St James's University Hospital, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Dr Rotimi); the Department of Anatomic and Molecular Pathology, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria (Drs Orah, Daramola, and Abdulkareem); and the Department of Cellular Pathology Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, and the University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom (Dr Shaaban).
The first unit, focused on general pathology, covers the cell as a unit of health and disease, cellular pathology, inflammation and repair, and a great many other related topics.
AN innovative Newtown-based company that provides a range of cellular pathology services celebrated a notable double at the Powys Business Awards held at Derring Lines in Brecon.
Last year, the UHW's cellular pathology department and finance department raised more than PS1,000 each and the competing teams are eager to beat that this year.
David Snead, clinical lead for cellular pathology at UHCW, told the audience of health professionals: "We saw the digital pathology system as a solution to a number of challenges.
With this approach to addressing muscle physiological questions, the field offers an ability to characterize the cellular physiology of skeletal muscle, as well as the cellular pathology of muscle disease.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-July 17, 2012--Lewisham NHS Trust adopts new cellular pathology service(C)1994-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 17, 2012--Lewisham NHS Trust adopts new cellular pathology service(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
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