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1. Of, relating to, or resembling a cell.
2. Consisting of or containing a cell or cells: the cellular construction of a beehive; the cellular nature of plant and animal tissue.
3. Of or involving the cells of an organization or movement: "The assessment of opposition to any totalitarian regime ... is notoriously difficult, for any effective movement must be secretive and cellular" (Anthony Sampson).
4. Of or relating to a cellular telephone.

[From Latin cellula, cellule; see cellule.]

cel′lu·lar′i·ty (-lăr′ĭ-tē) n.
cel′lu·lar·ly adv.
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Noun1.cellularity - the state of having cells
physical condition, physiological condition, physiological state - the condition or state of the body or bodily functions
hypercellularity - the state of having abnormally many cells
hypocellularity - the state of having abnormally few cells
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n. celularidad, condición y calidad de las células presentes en un tejido o masa.
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The researchers found that most hematological malignancies showed increased FRRs for the same tumor type, with the highest FRRs for mixed cellularity Hodgkin lymphoma, lymphoblastic lymphoma, and mantle cell lymphoma (SIRs, 16.7, 15.8, and 13.3, respectively).
Cellular fibroadenoma is another variant of fibroadenoma with remarkable cellularity. These different characteristics of fibroadenoma can cause misdiagnosis histopathologically (2-4).
In addition to assessing tumor fraction, we quantitate the number of groups of tumor cells to ensure that the specimen is adequately cellular; at least 20 groups of tumor cells are considered adequate cellularity. In cases with low tumor fraction and low tumor cellularity, testing is not performed, and an alternative sample is considered, if available.
Low ADC values are associated with high cellularity and viscosity suggesting malignancy or abscess, respectively (1).
FNAB yielded poor cellularity and occasionally spindle shaped cells were observed with oval vesicular nuclei in fibromas and in fibro sarcomas moderate to high cellularity (Fig.
Effects of level and source of dietary selenium on maternal and fetal body weight, visceral organ mass, cellularity estimates, and jejunal vascularity in pregnant ewe lambs.
The evaluation of skin tissue repair due to this protocol showed that there was no major effects of OXY and ATO on epithelialization, neovascularization, wound cellularity, or inflammation.
There was not any increase in cellularity, nuclear polymorphism, mitosis or necrosis determined in the tumor (Figure 1d).
The cellularity is variable; however, no foci of increased cellularity marked nuclear pleomorphism or increased mitotic activity seen.
The imaging findings of perfusion and cellularity were consistent with the gross histological findings for the two patients selected to represent the high and low range of perfusion characteristics in this patient population (Figure 2; case 1 (red) and case 2 (green)).

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