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 (sĕl′yə-lās′, -lāz′)
Any of several enzymes produced chiefly by fungi, bacteria, and protozoans that catalyze the hydrolysis of cellulose.

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(Biochemistry) any enzyme that converts cellulose to the disaccharide cellobiose
[C20: from cellulose + -ase]
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(ˈsɛl yəˌleɪs, -ˌleɪz)

any of several enzymes, produced primarily by fungi and bacteria, that catalyze the hydrolysis of cellulose.
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Keywords: Cellulase, CELTN, Thermotoga naphthophila, Affinity Chromatography, M42 family of aminopeptidases, Carboxymethyl cellulose.
This constraint can be resolved by the supplementation of poultry feed with specific enzyme such as cellulase for proper hydrolysis of polysaccharides.
Chaikaew et al, 2012 (13) developed the method of using a water jet system (star burst system) for releasing the starch granules followed by an enzyme cocktail (cellulase and a-amylase) to hydrolyze the starch.
Indeed, to screen for caseinase, skimmed milk was used as the carbon source while for esterase, amylase, cellulase L-asparaginase; tween 80, starch, CMC and L-asparagine were used, respectively.
To establish differences of extracellular total cellulase and endo-[beta]-1,4-glucanase activities among isolates, ANOVA tests were performed.
Cellic CTec2 cellulase was provided by Novozymes Korea (Seoul, Republic of Korea).
reesei is grown in cellulase inducing carbon sources, such as cellulose and sophorose, CAZyme-encoding genes are highly transcriptionally induced.
A Plackett-Burman experimental design was used to screen the significance of several influencing factors, and cellulase, yeast extract, and KH2PO4 were observed to exert important effects.
Experts all over the globe are seriously engaged in exploration of alternative food and energy sources out of which a promising source seems to be transformation of cellulosic wastes into sugars and alcohol by the enzymes cellulases. The work reported in this article was carried to study characterization of cellulase of Trichoderma viride.
2010), in the face of the abundance of residual lignocellulosic material available in nature (Sanchez, 2009), and based on the need to obtain ideal conditions for the SSF process using the strain, the study aims to define the most influential factors on cellulase production from Penicillium oxalicum F-3380, isolated from a leaf-cutting ant nest belonging to the species Acromyrmex balzani, using sugarcane bagasse SB and lignocellulosic sorghum LS as substrates.

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