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1. The act, process, or result of cementing.
2. A metallurgical coating process in which iron or steel is immersed in a powder of another metal, such as zinc, chromium, or aluminum, and heated to a temperature below the melting point of either.


1. (Metallurgy) the process of heating a solid with a powdered material to modify the properties of the solid, esp the heating of wrought iron, surrounded with charcoal, to 750–900°C to produce steel
2. the process of cementing or being cemented
3. (Civil Engineering) civil engineering the injection of cement grout into fissured rocks to make them watertight


(ˌsi mənˈteɪ ʃən, -mɛn-, ˌsɛm ən-)

1. the act, process, or result of cementing.
2. the heating of two substances in contact in order to effect some change in one of them, esp. the formation of steel by heating iron in powdered charcoal.


[ˌsiːmenˈteɪʃən] Ncementación f
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Cementation is a mine contracting and engineering company based out of North Bay, with expected revenues exceeding $140 million for this year.
The aim of this paper is to document and discuss the distribution and origin of carbonate cementation in the siliciclastic sequence of the Devonian sediments in the DBB.
Hold on, you NRA buffs, this type of rack holds all the automix guns and cartridges that I need for impressions, temporary fabrication and cementation.
Our NX3 XTR kit blends the versatility of our NX3 resin cement with the adhesion superiority of our OptiBond XTR for a new standard in permanent cementation of all esthetic materials," said Leo Pranitis, Vice President of Global Marketing.
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But a week later Chloe, who scooped [euro]165,000, was back answering phones at Cementation Skanska in her home town of Doncaster.
And just a week later, the PS116,000 winner was back answering phones at Cementation Skanska in her home town Doncaster.
com/research/4ml866/casing_and) has announced the addition of the "Casing & Cementation Hardware Market by Equipment (Liners, Centralizers, Wiper Plugs, Float Equipment), by Hardware Type (Casing Equipment & Cementation Equipment), by Application (Onshore and Offshore) - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2019" report to their offering.
The parties highlighted national cementation of all political, cultural and social powers and civil society organizations.
Carbonate cementation in polar regions or within glacial deposits in formerly glaciated areas have attracted interest as a potential indicator of hydrologic and permafrost conditions and palaeoclimatic proxies (e.