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A hard brittle iron carbide, Fe3C, found in steel with more than 0.85 percent carbon.

[From cement.]


(Elements & Compounds) the hard brittle compound of iron and carbon that forms in carbon steels and some cast irons. Formula: Fe3C


(sɪˈmɛn taɪt)

an iron carbide, Fe3C, a constituent of steel and cast iron, sometimes with part of its iron replaced by another metal, as manganese.
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Noun1.cementite - a chemical compound that is a constituent of steel and cast iron; very hard and brittle
chemical compound, compound - (chemistry) a substance formed by chemical union of two or more elements or ingredients in definite proportion by weight
pearlite - a lamellar mixture of cementite and ferrite formed during the cooling of austenite; a constituent of steel and cast iron
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In the present study, various methods were considered to measure the length and width of cementite particles.
Among the 93 specific topics are texture development in aluminum friction stir welds, combining two x-ray diffraction settings for determining the texture of small sheared samples, the relative preference for strain localizations in ultra-low-carbon steel, eutectoid point shift and orientation relationships between ferrite and cementite in pearlite in a high magnetic field, texture and microscopic evolution during the asymmetric rolling of magnesium alloys, and modeling rolling texture of twinned copper single crystals.
By increasing the number of graphite nodules during solidification, the rate of release of latent heat due to graphite crystallization increases, and the end of freezing temperature is raised above the cementite liquidus line, preventing carbide formation.
5 mm diameter from especially low-carbon steel consists from practically pure ferrite with inclusions of tertiary cementite in the form of relatively uniformly distributed fragments of the net over grain boundaries (not more than 1/6 of ferrite grain perimeter, dotted and fine-globular rash).
Beyond the heat treatment to convert the white iron cementite to a temper carbon form, these specific grades were made by either a controlled air quench and temper from the malleablizing temperature (resulting in a tempered pearlite) or a second heat treat operation consisting of reheating followed by an oil quench and temper (tempered martensite).
So, degree of the seam alloying reduced, and in structure of the solidified brazing alloy g-solution and carbide phases of cementite type mainly formed, whereby clear dendritic-vesicular structure occurred, characteristic of hypoeutectic nickel alloys [12].
Modeling of Phase Transformation Behaviors by Cementite Formation at Isothermal Bainite Transformation Region in TRIP-Assisted Steels (B.
As micro-hardness of cementite is about 1000 HV units [2], thus an acceptance of carbide particles being was made.
The microstructure of the material supplied by the manufacturer was composed of a mixture of ferrite, globular cementite and primary chromium carbides.
Annealing time depends mostly on carbon content and also on the amount of alloying elements which decrease carbon infusibility in ferrite or stabilise cementite.
In high-temperature annealing, a casting is heated above the critical range to a temperature (1,650-1,750F/900-950C) at which both primary carbides and free cementite decompose to ferrite and graphite.